Cure Emetophobia by altering your focus Part 2

Cure Emetophobia Part 2 –

Last time we looked over step one of curing emetophobia. On this occasion we are going to check out step two:

Fight fire with fire: When you are getting an emotional reaction switch your awareness to a similarly impossible emotion. Suppose that you might be scared of spiders

Try picturing a lion in a corner rather than a spider, feel the worry like the lion was really there. Make it as scary as you can, add crocodiles, buffaloes and exactly what could not logically be there. The harder you are able to laugh at the silliness of the exercise the better.
Put an imaginary hat on the imaginary spider, ensure it is into a circus act, allow it to be walk a tight rope, listen to the fictional circus music playing as the spider falls and gets all tied up in their own web, help it become as funny and silly as you can.
Think of the person who makes you laugh probably the most, imagine a spider with the person’s face telling you his best joke. Could you hear yourself laughing whilst taking a look at this silly spider?
Suppose that the spider eats a magic carrot that makes her shrink while she shrieks high pitch threating words at you. She is not that scary anymore eh?
Picture yourself eating a magic carrot that makes you grow so big that a hair in your nose could smash the spider against the floor using a big BOOM noise. She is not scary anymore eh?

Like the saying goes…It’s all in your mind, which means that make use of own head to overcome something which for others might appear silly.

Switch the body focus: As I showed you at the start, your mind can not keep its focus on far more than a couple of things at the same time. As soon as you realize that there isn’t a sudden river of vomit coming out of you nor xxxxxx* there, you are able to let your guard down and start focusing on some thing better. *Replace * with your phobia / concern

Emetophobia Eraser – how to get over emetophobia

Scan your body sensations. Really feel the feet against the floor, loosen up your toes, take a deep breath and really feel how relaxing it’s to breathe out… do it all again… listen to the sounds surrounding you, feel the temperature from the air brushing your skin… breathe deep once more. How relaxed are you currently feeling?

Dig deep into one physical sensation. Focus your mind on any particular part of your body. As an example your right or left hand. Consider it, really feel any prickling, look at the lines of the hand, observe the little movements you were not conscious of before, give consideration should you can notice any tiny cracking within your hand. {Relax|Unwind|Loosen up|Rest, pay attention to how you can discover
s you’ve never seen prior to. What else could you really feel in your hands? Now research your other hand and see how it now looks different! Focusing gave you hyper understanding of what you focused on. Concentrate on what you want and you’ll stop concentrating on what you do not want.

Having an irrational worry could be a torture if you do not deal with it in an efficient way, it is possible to overcome any phobia through the use of these and many other efficient tools. So if you’re wondering how to cure emetophobia then visit my blog to get the greatest cures.

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