Custom Scrub Tops are Not Your Mother’s Tops

Not too many years ago, scrubs were blue or green. They consisted of a pair of drawstring pants with one back pocket and a top that was all but flattering. The tops were all V-neck. There was one pocket on the left chest and had no style at all. Some of the neck lines were so low that nurses had to wear tee shirts under them to prevent more skin than was professionally acceptable from showing. Things have changed considerable in the scrub market.

Today’s scrubs come in a rainbow of colors and prints. If you work in pediatrics, there are cartoon characters and other prints that children love and relax when they can see them. If you work in a veterinary office, there are pet motif’s that let the world know that you are a veterinarian or a vet tech and will love their four legged babies. Scrubs have moved out of the hospital and into many other fields. Cosmetologists also have designs showing off their profession.

The styles have also changed. No longer is there one style from which to choose. The ever-popular V-neck is still there, but today there may be a cute ribbon or ruffle surrounding it. This adds a little style and a lot of femininity. Sweetheart necklines are there to choose from and crew necks add a fashionable touch as well. The box shaped scrub top has been joined by styles that have tapered waists and wraps.

Someone realized that nurses and other professionals have a lot of “stuff” they need to have at close range. Supplies such as stethoscope, scissors, pens, hemostats and other necessary equipment are best kept close by. For this amount of equipment you need more than one chest pocket. Today custom scrub tops have at least two large patch pockets on the lower part of the scrub top. There are also some that have a kangaroo type pocket that will hold everything and not be hanging out for all to see.

Unisex scrubs are a thing of the past. The finishing details on the new styles make a girl look like a girl and not just part of the platoon of hard workers in the environment. There is no reason that you cannot look more feminine while you are at work. Empire waists, fitted waistlines and other style changes have greatly influenced the style of custom scrub tops. The sense of fashion has allowed the professional to choose her custom scrub tops that suit her area of work and her personality as well.

Size was also an issue back in the day. The box shape has been replaced by petite sizes that are shorter and tapered to suit your body style. Plus size professionals have not been ignored in the world of custom scrub tops. Companies are very accommodating and some have sizes up to 6X to provide style and comfort for the plus sized nurse. A well fitting top allows the nursing staff to perform their tasks with more ease and comfort.

Gone are the white uniforms, stiffly starched caps and stockings that were required to give a professional “look” to the nurse. Today intelligence counts more than appearance and custom scrub tops add a professional bit of glamour as well.