Daily Consumption: Volume And Price Growth Rose Sharply And The Economy Paper – Volume And Price

12 18, SRB sold 20,000 tons to competitive bidding by the State Reserve Pulp . This will not only ease the shortage of domestic pulp status, and help stabilize soaring Paper prices . With the adjustment of national industrial policy increasing the degree of domestic Paper Increasingly important international status. Industry insiders estimate that in 2007, our total production for the first time more than paper Consumption Total imports over total exports

Effective policy change Announcement of the 6th National Development and Reform Commission will be December 18 Auction Part of the national reserve pulp. According to the announcement, the State Development and Reform Commission commissioned a national reserve supplies Reserve material adjustment center, will be sold by the national reserve auction 20,000 tons of pulp. The Chinese Association of Paper Industry experts said in an interview, due to rising paper Pulp price Conduction to the lower grid, resulting in soaring costs of domestic paper enterprises. Reserve pulp for running the country, in time ease the shortage of domestic pulp status, stability, enterprise cost and containment of paper Paper products Prices continue to rise.

Data show that the first half of this year, the International Wood pulp Price is always higher among. As of the end of August, the U.S. market coniferous pulp offer up to 800 U.S. dollars / ton, up 70.05 U.S. dollars early next year, or nearly 10%; hardwood pulp to 716 U.S. dollars / ton, up 45 per year.

A paper mill in Shandong said the person in charge, currently imported from Canada coniferous pulp price is about 6750 yuan / ton, compared with the first half of this year, up 550 yuan / ton. Pulp prices, a direct result of paper prices increased 20%.

The world’s largest importer of pulp in 2006, more than half of the international wood pulp exports to the Chinese, but also become the second largest wood pulp imports. With the increasingly high grade trends paper, wood pulp, the most important raw materials. However, due to China’s forestry resources are extremely scarce, the decision of the high volume of imports of wood pulp has remained above 60% import dependency. To this end, “15” period, the state will pulp, paper and paperboard include “Industrial Restructuring Guiding Catalog” and “Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Catalogue “in the encouraged category, so that the paper industry developed rapidly. The effect from December 1 to implement the “Guidance Catalogue for Foreign Investment Industries (Amended in 2007),” once again “by the construction of a single paper integration Production Line Annual output of 300,000 tons and above and single-scale chemical pulp production lines and annual output of 100,000 tons over the scale of chemical mechanical wood pulp and the simultaneous construction of high-grade paper and paperboard production (limited to joint ventures, Cooperation ) “Included to encourage foreign investment in industry directory. This paper further shows that the State increasing the degree of industrial restructuring, and to change our dependence on imported pulp supply situation.

At the same time, the state Energy Emission reduction policies rigid constraints of small pulp mills shut down further stepped up. In the first 9 months, China’s pulp output reached 15.79 million tons, down 15%; consolidation, shutting down small-scale pulp mill in 1562, is expected to close 1700 business year closed down.

Increased bargaining power With the domestic paper
enterprises to speed up the pace of merger and reorganization, the cost of basic raw materials close to the case, the large-scale production to large domestic enterprises of the expansion path of paper possible, the industry also will strengthen the bargaining power.

Early as last year, to Newsprint And Coated Paper Paper industry, represented through the winter, in addition to capacity expansion led to oversupply, there is one important reason is that industrial decentralization, bargaining power is not strong. Although the rate of increase in pulp continued to increase, but most of the paper for fear of losing corporate customers can not easily raise prices.

This phenomenon has improved this year.

It is understood that China’s publishing industry, Package Industry booming, driven art paper, newsprint and other paper related to the development and exports growing, for product packaging Kraft paper White Paperboard , Cardboard , Also have emerged the phenomenon of volume and price growth, large paper, paper production enterprises or even shortage. BOLA TANGKAS