Dance and Rhythm – An Inseparable Pair

Dancers almost always have certain footwear requirements, and tap dancers most certainly do! Tap is a very specific form of dance, and tap shoes reflect this. Different fashions and styles come and go in dance wear over the years, and even traditional performances sometimes produce new takes on time tested outfit designs. One thing which often separates trends in dance clothes from trends in popular fashion is practicality. Dancers still need to be able to perform to the best of their ability in new styles.

There tend to be two very distinct schools of thinking in the world of dance, although they often cross over. One of these is a traditional viewpoint, which tends to follow dance routines which have been passed down through the years, wherein certain moves have been perfected over time. The other is that dance should constantly change and evolve, move with the times and even be spontaneous. One of the beauties of dance is that it can cater for both of these tastes, and the two,despite being contradictory,can also come together in amazing performances. The link between dance and music is so deep it is hard to say which art preceded the other. New dances are inspired by new music and new music by dance. The combinations of old and new styles can really work together, arguably more so than combinations of artistic painting styles from different ages in one work, or mixing Shakespearean language with modern dialect in a novel. Dance enables the boundaries of eras to be transcended.

The link between dance and music is seen through all manner of styles, and some dances actually create part of a tune as they are performed. For example, the distinctive sounds made by tap shoes add a whole new layer of rhythm and can even allow dancers to perform without music, they instead create a tune through the taps as they perform.The right footwear is essential to any dance, shoes or slippers should always be well fitting and comfortable, providing correct amounts of support whilst allowing flexibility.Tap shoes need to allow optimum performance and need to create amazing sounds so that wearers can demonstrate their ability unfettered. The majority of tap dancers choose the style of their foot wear based on their skill levels; novices tend to only wear low heels for safety and ease of use, whereas high shoes are often worn by skilled lady dancers with a lot of experience. Quality, fit, comfort and safety are the most important aspects of any dance wear.

The ‘credit crunch’ is proving a difficult time for many, both individuals and companies. It is a time, however, when there are numerous bargains to be found as retailers compete for sales. Comparing prices of tap shoes online is a really good idea any time, but especially at present,as quality items are widely available at amazing prices. If there is ever any doubt about which shoes are best suited to an individual, seek advice from an expert, for example a specialist tap dance tutor.