Dandong Godsend: How Far Heart Can Go Far – Dandong Heaven, Flame Retardant – Plastic Industry

Heaven-sent flame-retardant Material Technology Co., Ltd. Dandong General Manager Mr. Wu Congke

HC plastic mesh News: Dandong, is an industrial, trade, logistics and tourism as the main border cities, is also the only one in Asia also has a border ports, airports, high-speed rail, river ports, seaports and highways in the city. Big wave of reform and development, the emergence of a batch of Dandong outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs, some companies are rooted in Dandong, and then spread nationwide and even worldwide, the potential formation of blossom everywhere. Just a few years, Dandong people use their wisdom and hard work in a unique way of interpreting the development of the industry and changes.

Today, Dandong, not just a geographical term, and it is a culture, a spiritual symbol. This heaven-sent flame-retardant Material Technology Co., Ltd. Dandong (hereinafter referred to as “Dandong Heaven”), General Manager of the bundle branches (hereinafter referred to as “Zong-“) so that we feel deep.

In most people’s eyes, the Northeast were liberated, independent and self, bold vision and courage. In addition, we feel his “hard”, “pragmatic” of “unity.” This seemingly simple words, it is the ultimate guide “Dandong people” take the lead in the removal of market Economy The key elements of great fruit. During the interview, Zong-word is often referred to as “Heaven has been to go step by step, we can do in the field is too much, but we will give priority to focus on our strengths to make the industry, good service our existing customers. “

Vigilant in peace where good times start the entrepreneurial journey

“Virtuous Honesty quality service innovation and development,” Wu Cong Division is leader in the development of all staff working style. It is in this pragmatic work style guidelines, that makes 26 years in Dandong, a heaven-sent by the old state-owned enterprises have become an international company. Wu Cong Division has moved to maintain the share of humble people, but he dares to independent innovation, courage, daring to dissect his own life to make people feel a kind of pride.

About the original purpose of the original business, tread the not help the feeling Road, a gift from the state-owned enterprises is now a private enterprise development. 1985 is the widespread confusion of the moment people, then Chinese Plastics industry Underdeveloped, domestic demand is insufficient, let alone export. But Wu Cong Division but never saw the crisis entrepreneurial opportunities. Wu Cong Division at least be as Other Like many private enterprises, and take the road to follow suit to avoid the risk of imitation. But Wu Cong Division has already aware of, “presses the industry of technology change too fast, can not keep up must be eliminated. I have developed a new technology, new products, at least 1 year to 1 year and a half to maintain high value, value! “

For a fledgling private enterprises, independent innovation risk is obvious that he has done in this industry for years, and study in the analysis of non-metal products in domestic market and lack of resources in foreign markets after the Wu Cong Division decided a big way by myself, and his first target is the foreign market because extreme lack of foreign non-metallic minerals, and the first heavenly state-owned enterprises have two mine property rights, ensure a steady supply of raw materials. This was mineral rich China is undoubtedly fall in your lap, can be described as favorable factors.

Dare words against world-class enterprises, Wu Cong Division by no means temporary whim. Dandong heaven-sent when the first profit, Wu Cong Division on Costly commitment to new product development and research.

26-year history, 26 years of wind and rain, Dandong providential now not only has eight production lines, and the company’s production and development of magnesium hydroxide Flame Retardant Products to fill the gap, 80% of talc ore export international market, was identified as IS9001 high-tech enterprises in the plastics industry out of an innovative development to stay. BOLA TANGKAS