Dating 101: Keeping The Night Alive

The best thing about online dating is you already have conversed with your date even before you meet her face to face; giving you the chance to get to know her ahead of time. Thus, when you finally ask her out on a real date, keeping the night alive will be easy.

However, if you are uncomfortable and feel you might look like a schmuck on your first date, here the top tips to keep the conversations flowing.

Choose the Dating Place Wisely

When dating, always take your date to somewhere you can strike a conversation easily. You can take her on a stroll on your historic neighborhood; take her out on a concert or play. You can also go to an art gallery or to a local attraction. These places will give you cues to converse with.

Recall Your Conversation on the Singles Chat Room

It is common to get nervous on your first date. However, do not let it get the best of you. Since you are already have been chatting on a singles chat room, recall what she likes to talk about and use it as a topic.

The Art of Conversing is a Two-Way Street

When dating, do not let your date do most of the talking. You have to take over the driving to keep the conversation going. You can use the facts that you knew when you met on the singles chat room. You can ask questions about her and be interested on her answers.

If you still feel that the conversation is going to an end, you can always change the venue. Going out and breathing fresh night air can help. If silence takes over, you can kick-start the conversation by asking her about her favorite movies and music. Avoid topics such as religion and politics if you do not want your first date to end in a showdown.

So whenever you want to strike a conversation, just remember these tips.

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