Dating Advice For Men – Where Most Guys Go Wrong When They Learn How to Attract Women

Dealing with guys that want to learn how to attract women, I’ve seen some interesting patterns. One of which I have seen over and over again, is when guys make this out to be a lot harder than it has to be. They start to think that picking up and attracting women is some crazy skill that only a few guys have the talent for, and that could not be further from the truth.

There are plenty of women out there that are looking to meet a good guy, and any man can learn how to be that guy. You don’t have to possess any special, innate talents to attract women. Another area where most guys go wrong is, they end up becoming obsessed with getting this part of their life handled.

Now, it might seem like a good thing on the surface to become obsessed with attracting women, but it can cause some unnecessary complications. You can end up making the whole act of attracting women TOO important, and that can have a negative effect on your success with women.

Here are some tips to help you out so that you don’t take the WRONG route when learning how to attract women:

1. You need to find a balance.

I’ve seen guys become so obsessed with the pick up game, that they end up thinking of NOTHING else. They treat every interaction with a woman as a pick up, and in the process, they actually end up getting WORSE. You need to be able to find a balance, because as great as it is to be a guy who knows how to attract women, it’s even better to live out a balanced life.

2. You need to be able to relax when you meet women.

Thinking of every interaction with a woman as being a potential pick up can put a lot of unwanted pressure on yourself. When you are less obsessed, things get a lot easier, because you take that pressure off of yourself. The more pressure that you feel when you are around women, the more they pick up on that vibe, and they get an uneasy feeling being around you. You do NOT want that to happen.

3. You need to be able to approach a variety of women.

This helps because the more different women that you approach, the more you have to diversify your game and pick up on what really works for YOU. Not every guy will end up getting the same results from using certain techniques to attract women, and when you have the ability to approach a variety of women, things become a whole lot easier.