David Beckham Could Miss Complete MLS Soccer Season

When David Beckham suffered a torn Achilles’ tendon in a Serie A game in mid-March, medical doctors gave him an outside possibility of returning in time for the Globe Cup or at the really least component of the MLS season. Sadly, it does not appear like either of these favorable scenarios will transpire. In a current statement to the media Beckham broke the news that his recovery is behind schedule and he won’t be capable to resume playing soccer until November at the earliest.

This timetable does leave open the possibility that he could return to action must the Los Angeles Galaxy make the MLS playoffs. He’s been assured that he’s welcome back at AC Milan in Italy’s Serie A league anytime he’s back in playing shape, although neither the group nor Beckham have indicated anything particular about his future with the group.

Beckham, who is nevertheless employing crutches to get around, explained his recovery method:

“I will not be operating for an additional 3 months, so I will be playing again in, almost certainly, November.”

“My mentality is to sort of push it and get moving and running and soon as possible. But it’s an injury that has to take time to heal. It’s frustrating. It’s obviously disappointing simply because I’ve been operating for the final two years to get into the English squad [for the Planet Cup].”

“At the moment, it is just getting the motion back into the ankle, the tendon, since it is still repairing. I am trying to get mobilization back into the ankle.”

Beckham also explained the injury itself:

“It was like getting hit by a hockey puck. I believed someone was behind me and kicked me. Clearly no 1 was there and I saw my foot hanging and then I felt down there and there was a hole.”

The former England captain would have likely served in a reserve capacity with the Globe Cup squad, although his Howitzer-like totally free kicks remain one particular of the most feared offensive weapons in the sport. Even with out Beckham in the lineup and with lingering injury troubles plaguing Manchester United superstar Wayne Rooney soccer betting enthusiasts are bullish on England’s prospects this summer time. The ‘Three Lions’ are at the moment the third favored in Planet Cup future betting behind Brazil and Spain.