David & Goliath and Social Media Marketing

The epic tale of the ultimate upset is playing out online with countless small businesses leveraging the marketing power of social media. How are entrepreneurs doing this? Well, the challenge with social media lies in quantifying return on investment. Here, the investment is primarily time and effort since the bulk of social networking applications are free. The following outlines the factors that support how small businesses can exploit online media to gain a competitive advantage over large companies.

Personality – The voice of the company that filters through to social media is all too often devoid of personality. Research shows that people connect people, not gray text.

Censorship – There virtually is no censorship when it comes to social media. Small business owners don’t have to worry about being tied up through layers of social media compliance. Larger companies, by contrast, can be subject to legal approval concerning every blog post or tweet, making it harder to facilitate real-time conversations.

Local Connection – Small businesses can tap into local events, traditions and communities much more easily due to their shared experience with the people. Once again, people would rather bond with an actual person present at relevant local events.

Implementation – Online resources today allow for the quickest implementation when breaking news occurs. Situations like these calls necessitate quick action when timing is everything. The saying “the early bird gets the worm” holds solid validation as many in the general public desire the fastest reporting of news. This advantage will convert more followers into customers. 

Audience – The small business owner only needs to connect with hundreds or perhaps thousands, not hundreds OF thousands or millions. Doing this yeah yield significant productivity for the small business who often seeking to zero in on a more focused target market. 

As a small business entrepreneur you no longer have to remain puzzled about social media’s distinct value for the small guy out there. You potentially have the huge advantage to trump larger corporations in reaching your desired customers.