DC Maintenance Tips when you go traveling

National Day Golden Week Outlook, without doubt, it will definitely be a good time to travel. Apart from the break, bring friends and family, to travel about the motherland’s great rivers and mountains, experience the simplicity of the text of popular style, but also a very meaningful thing. At the same time, you photography enthusiasts will also take this this opportunity, about a bunch of colors on the faithful, to the northwest in the country ran out folk songs Gao Chuangzuo mining, development, and improve your own hobbies. Some people are so-called travel and photography, some people photography tours.

Whether to go sightseeing, or friends to create folk songs, in their journey necessary to bring the camera. With the improvement of the quality of daily life and the increasing popularity of digital cameras, in both human being equipped with SANYO db-l20 battery digital cameras will become more and more friends and even started to become a mainstream trend, especially for the tourist’s friends who look at the way the film that is more convenient to them to ensure that every photo shoot is useful, but do not shoot each spot leakage by more and more friends, the great welcome. But having said that, the camera is a precision optical equipment, digital cameras, camera is a need to elaborate and meticulous care to preserve and maximize its effect. And because digital cameras fully electronic reasons, the body on the use of electronic components within the environment of a higher demand, if the half-way failure not only have photos taken before all of the risk of being deleted, but also for you add great displeasure journey. Moreover, the tourism of the daily meals, a lot of special circumstances it is difficult to expect, how to get our digital camera on a trip into our good helper, not a way? This requires us to master certain DC maintenance skills.

Digital Camera How to moisture:

Divided into internal and external moisture moisture moisture in two parts, first introduced internal. Daily at home, I believe that every photo enthusiasts will love to your own machine is equipped with electronic Humidity Cabinets, and Electronic Cabinets stored in the camera to the inside (what? You do not? Get out of a hundred dollars that serve your the value of thousands of dollars of camera, it is not too much), but away from home, can not it also put the box close at hand, the one heavy, and secondly, CANON np-e3 battery electronic Cabinets this “elec” how to solve it? So the most practical is to use disposable desiccant. These look just like everyone desiccant inside to open certain food preservatives, like a bag looks like a teabag, you can find inside the store or in the commodity. Each backpack out to have put a few packs of cells (as the lattice of the size of the backpack, put a little more for large and small to put a little less), you can keep your backpack in your entire trip is is dry, to solve the moisture of the “internal” problem.

But to the external aspects, the trip will unavoidably sometimes rain, waterproof backpack if you good enough, then it really “moisten things silently”, and unknowingly let the rain infiltrated the backpack but to make equipment for moisture , will make you suffer irreparable damage. Therefore, the external moisture mentioned here, refers to all other forms of anti-rain and water splash, with three anti-enabled handsets in the market is rare, if your backpack into the water, all the measures of internal moisture will be evaporated . Therefore, the choice of travel when traveling with a backpack, you may wish to put the waterproof bag in the first place, particularly for the weather and rain areas can be used daily fresh home store camera bags and bags tied mouth, do a double protection. If you are traveling for the photography enthusiast, may wish to buy a used high-quality waterproof nylon backpack photography as the main fabric, and the water capacity of at least should be able to 600D, some foreign brands such as Lowepro OLYMPUS sp-700 battery camera bags, etc. and even camera bag design for the built-in raincoat, so as to maximize the expensive equipment to ensure you will not be rain and water splashing outside the impact, you can go on the road in peace heart heart.