Dealing With Acne Resulting From Exercise

There are so many incredible benefits to exercising that the negative side effects of exercising are diminutive by comparison. However, there are some negative side effects that must be dealt with despite all of the benefits you can enjoy.

One of the negative side effects that you may have experienced is the development of acne. It is a typical story.

Someone sits down on their home stationary bike to get in some exercise during the day. He or she holds onto the handles and pedals away.

About ten minutes into the work out, his or her body starts to feel the workout and begins to sweat to cool off. Naturally, he or she reaches up with one of his or her hands and wipes the sweat away.

With his or her hand, a whole bunch of dirt and years of old, dried sweat were put on the face. Hands are dirty enough without the stationary bike handle bars storing more dirt for the hands to transfer.

As a result of the open pores due to sweating and the application of dirt, this person will begin to break out. An unfortunate side effect of breaking out is that scars can be developed.

These acne scars and the development of acne can be prevented in many ways. The person could have purchased a towel to wipe his or her face with instead of his or her hand that was washed and clean every day.

Or he or she could have purchased cleaning wipes to wipe down the stationary bike with after every workout. In addition, washing his or her face could have helped prevent the development of acne.

However, once the acne scars are developed, you will have to work with what you have to treat them. The largest part of treating acne scars is giving them time.

There are also several things you can try eating or applying to the skin. One of the things you may want to try are tomatoes.

Tomatoes have a lot of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps tell your body to stop over producing sebum, which is a chemical that produces acne and thereby acne scars.

They also have an antioxidant in them that can help rejuvenate damaged skin. After you have cleaned your face, slice up a tomato and put it on the affected area of your face.

You should be able to see the scars recede slowly over time. Olive oil also contains things that can help moisturize your skin.

By massaging it onto the areas where your skin has the scars, you will be able to soften your skin and your scars will reduce in severity. If you find olive oil is not working, you may want to try honey.

Honey can be affective eaten or rubbed on your face. It will also treat the scars and make your skin look younger.

Some people have also found that lavender oil works. Lavender is also found in many beauty products because of how effective it can be.

Simply massage lavender oil into your skin. This oil also has anti-aging properties which can help you look younger and which can treat your acne scars.

Another natural combination you may want to try is rose water and sandal wood. This paste should be applied to the damaged area overnight and washed off in the morning.

Combined with other treatments, this can help your scars disappear faster. Some people find that a lot of the scaring is actually attributed to inflammation of the skin.

People with this problem find that rubbing ice cubes on the damaged area can reduce the inflammation, redness, and swelling which will make their scars not look so bad. An oatmeal mask with a few drops of lemon juice can also help treat your acne scars.

Apply this mask as you would one you purchased from the store by leaving it on your face for ten minutes and then washing it off. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your face and to apply a moisturizer afterward.

Another thing that can help reduce redness and swelling of damaged areas is a multani mitti paste. This paste is made by mixing carrot juice, garlic cloves, honey and multani mitti powder.

This paste should be applied to your face for 20 minutes before it is washed off. However, one of the things that can help prevent acne and scarring the most is drinking lots of water and eating lots of vitamin rich vegetables and fruits. BOLA TANGKAS