Dealing with Bad Breath

To find bad breath, bad breath is necessary to distinguish the cause, or due to diseases from oral diseases from other parts of the body. Chemically, the mouth odor is caused by sulfur-sulfur compounds cause.

These compounds are mostly due to bacteria in the mouth produced in the decomposing food. Garlic and a few other foods you eat can also cause bad breath. After these foods are digested in the stomach and intestines, is absorbed into the bloodstream, into the lungs and the breath coming out. Alcohol also evaporates mechanism in this manner it is easy to measure alcohol concentration.

Bad breath can also be caused from periodontal disease. If you do not brush your teeth every day, the food will stick in the oral absorption of the bacteria that causes odor. A membrane layer of bacteria will play the root, if not cleaned will cause leg swelling gums and tooth decay, creating bad breath. These are not just wearing dentures can also create pockets of bacteria that causes halitosis.

Dry mouth can also cause bad breath. Normally, saliva helps to keep your mouth clean and moist. Dry mouth will make these dead cells stick to the tongue, gums and in cheeks, these cells after damage will cause the odor. When we sleep, dry mouth should light up the mouth is not very fragrant. If you sleep will make your mouth open mouth dry and smellier.

Some diseases such as chronic pulmonary infection or inflammation in the lungs can cause boils smell unpleasant. Renal disease causing bad breath, such as urine, liver disease, such as fish smells fishy back, stomach and cause bad breath. Sinusitis can also cause bad breath because the water flowing down the back of the nose throat. The blisters in the mouth are often accompanied by the smell when we breathe.

Cigarette smoking also causes halitosis, dry mouth due to smoking, bad breath. Besides, tobacco also has its own breath, smokers are also prone to gum disease leads to bad breath. Regular oral hygiene, science is effective against bad breath.
How to protect your breathing is best to practice good oral hygiene. First of all, you have to clean the tongue with a brush or tools to scrape specific tongue. This is very important in the treatment of bad breath and need to do before you brush your teeth, because the razor blade after brushing prone to gag.

The brush should also note, you must select the appropriate type of brush, the brush should be noted gum brush slots. You should floss for cleaning the interstitial tooth.

If these measures do not bring high performance, you can use a special mouthwash to treat halitosis, we have the ability to kill bacteria or anaerobic bacteria able to degrade the sulfur compounds are odor. However, the mouthwash is not always good in treating bad breath. Most of the mouthwash on the market are alcohol component, will cause dry mouth and bad breath condition becomes more severe. Mouthwash should be more effective at night because the smell of bacteria living activities more night. Gum or mouth spray fragrance lasts only temporarily.

You should drink plenty of water to increase flow of saliva in the mouth. Should stop smoking, do not drink much wine. You should be examined every 6 months or once a year for inspection and cleaning teeth. Then, if still bad breath, see the feed used, the drugs used, or acquired diseases to find a fix.