Decide What it is You Want From Your Life – And Go For It!

Many, if not most people go through life wishing that their life could be different. When they stop and look around them, there are images of people in the media or in their own industries which have succeeded in developing fabulous lifestyles, wonderful relationships and deep spiritual growth. We all see the lives of a small percentage of people on the planet through the media and think “why am I not so lucky?”

Those people who have been able to accomplish their life’s dreams have all started out with true intention in their life….and pursued their dreams with all the passion they could. When you think about success in life, we all have the ability to mastermind our own dreams. But, before embarking on our dreams we have to do one thing – decide what it is we truly want from life.

There is so much happening in our world today and there are so many people and organizations vying for our attention. The television, radio, Internet, your employer, family, church, and neighbors all want a piece of your time so that you can be influenced in some way.

When your employer asks you to join the company baseball team, they want you to devote time to developing a team atmosphere and comradery for the company. If you wife and daughter ask you to go shopping with them, they want to spend time with a person they love dearly. Is it all-important? Absolutely but, you have to decide what is going to be the most important goals of your life and decide if the activities you are doing today going to help you meet the goals of your future.

For now, you may have decided that family, business and spiritual goals are going to hold the top positions in your life. After you decide how much time is going to be spent developing your life balance, you must stick with the plan that you have carefully masterminded. Your consistent daily actions towards your goals will bring you closer to your dreams.

Unfortunately, there are life events that cannot be helped and may put a drain on your time and resources however; your goals and dreams must always have a place at the table. Your true desires in life are what give you hope and passion to live. A recipe for cherry pie cannot be made without cherries and flour. The recipe for life cannot be fulfilled without a decision about what is important.

Your life decisions will determine your destiny and success. Success comes to those who are thoughtful and mindful of the effects of their decisions. By the way, dreams do come true…for those who decide what it is they want from life.