Declutter and Organise Your Kitchen

When you are looking to declutter and organise your kitchen, you should first check to see what is needed. This will start with your pantry. Check through all your foods to see what you should keep and not keep. Non-perishable foods can go bad and you may have foods that you intended to eat and never have. There may be some food that you want to give to your local charity centre.

You should then work on the refrigerator. Clean out the refrigerator and remove any items that are past their expiration date. Organise your refrigerator and freezer in an easy to remember method. This should mean that you have a particular shelf for fruits, a particular shelf for vegetables, a particular place for salad dressings, beverages, and leftovers. Then use a similar system for your freezer to keep it neat and tidy.

It is then time to move onto the kitchen. Go through all your plates, cooking items, pots and pans to determine what you need and what you never use. Take any items you cannot remember using in a long time and get rid of them by donating them or selling them at a garage sale. This will help you to declutter your kitchen.

To now organise the kitchen, you will want to set up specific areas for different themes. You should have a specific location for all your cleaning supplies. You should also have a specific location for all of your cooking supplies. Continue with this same trend around preparation of the food, storing the food, and the serving of the food. This system of placement of all items around a particular theme means that you no longer have to hunt for a specific item all around the kitchen. Everything you will need for a particular activity such as cleaning up after dinner and storing food is easy to do since it is all in one specific location. This can help your family to remember where everything is and for guests to assist you when you cook a big meal in the house.

When you are organising, try to keep all items of a specific theme near others. Your food storage containers may want to be near your cleaning supplies because you will use both most times at the end of a meal because of cleaning and taking care of leftovers.

You can declutter and organise your kitchen very simply. It is about removing what is not used or out of date and then simply creating a system so that your kitchen is organized around major themes such as cleaning or food storage.