Decorative and Functional Outdoor Floor Mats

In the past outdoor mats were very plain, unattractive and mainly just functional. Today there are a multitude of designs, materials and sizes available. Outdoor mats can now be decorative and functional in many instances.

Modern technology has actually increased their ability to perform its functions. The main function of outdoor mats is to prevent the tracking of dirt and debris into indoor/other spaces. With today’s manufacturing materials; the increased trapping ability of outdoor floor mats can reduce the amount of dirt that enters your door by as much as 90%.

The other main function is decorative. You can improve the curb appeal of your outdoor spaces by adding mats. You can use your outdoor mats to add accent color to your door stoop, outdoor patio, pool or business. Many floor mats come in different sizes, colors, textures, materials. Some even have geometric shapes and cut outs on them. When shopping for them remember, not all mats are created equal. Some things to look for in an floor mat are:


You want any floor mat to be durable, after all it will be exposed to the outside weather conditions. Some mats are more durable than others. Rubber (made from recycled tires) and virgin polypropylene are considered industrial quality and used in many commercial applications due to their durability. These mats are meant to handle heavy traffic and extreme temperature. Look for rubber or polypropylene outdoor floor mats that have been UV tested for sun exposure.

Drying Time

If your outdoor mat will be constantly (not just when it rains) exposed to water; then the amount of time it takes your outdoor floor mats to dry can be important to avoid mildew. Areas such as swimming polls and hot tubs require outdoor floor mats that will dry quickly. They also need to be very slip resistant. Synthetic grass or vinyl looped outdoor floor mats dry very quickly and are mildew resistant. Since the surface is textured and absorbent, they do not get slippery when wet and are ideal for safety.


Some materials that these mats are made of do not offer as many design options as some of the others. Rubber and polypropylene mats generally come in a moderate array of colors but very few textures or designs on them. Outdoor mats such as those made with outdoor carpet offer the most design variety and color choices. They are not; however; as durable as rubber or polypropylene. You can get an outdoor floor mat that combines looped polypropylene carpet yarn with a rubber backing.

You get more durability and design freedom, but these outdoor floor mats take longer to dry. There are many loop style outdoor floor mats that have a lot of decorative choices. Keep the above considerations in mind when you are choosing the right outdoor floor mat to fit, function and decorate your outside space.