DECT Phones – The Best Way to Stay Mobile at Home

Now-a-days, a bizarre trend is being witnessed by many that the total number of phones in a home is higher than the total number of people living in the house and this is basically because of the growing mobile phone trend. However, a home phone is still very much required at the residence.

Home Phones are an essential, since the inevitable utility of the broadband is coupled with it. Today, instead of fixed line telephones, people are gradually opening up to other fancy options like cordless and DECT phones, however, they are slightly expensive. DECT phones are an upgraded version of cordless phones that are free as mobile phones and in fact, with a higher range of operation, that is, the premises area set up is larger in the case of DECT phones, in comparison with the cordless phones.

DECT phones are advanced version of cordless phones and the installation process of these phones is also very simple. The quality of sound is crystal clear and hence, they have a long life if handled with care. They are not one of those delicate phones that create problem after a particular interval of time. These phones rather have long life as compared to any other phone available in the market. DECT phones have been introduced, keeping a section of audience in mind like they are for those people who stay at home most of the time and want to enjoy the mobile comfort or rather those people who prefer to work from home itself.

DECT phones are expensive and incorporate some rich features like they come with a headset, better quality of sound, longer range of a smooth conversation in comparison with the cordless phones, don’t bind you with wires to a particular place and gives you the mobile comfort, safer than the mobile phones, as the recent scientific studies have been pointing out, the negative effects a mobile phone bears on its user, etc.

There are various brands in the market that manufacture DECT Phones and there is immense competition in the market because of which the quality and features of the phone are being enhanced and exemplified by their respective manufacturers. The technology that supports these phones is called Digital wireless communication technology that is successfully running in the market today.