Dedicated Server Reseller – Pros and Cons

This web program is like a repacking of goods wherein the Dedicated Server Reseller adds his own concoction of spices and coloring on a raw product; to make the product more palatable. He attaches a label on it, and put his name and reputation on the line.

Resellers are like wholesale buyers, who get up to 20% discount offered by the principal web servers. This program is for those companies who are technically capable of handling individual web host customers’ concerns. They have overall management of administrative, technical support, sales and billings.

This frees the principal servers of individual customers’ complaints and problems, and enable the principal server to attend to overall network maintenance and work on providing quality bandwidth and over-all technical back-up capabilities. This also encourages initiatives for the resellers to make good and discover things to improve services due to the implied technical autonomy from the principal server. This touches and ignites individual inventiveness for specific purposes in the industry. These also facilitate grassroots interactive responses and participation from individual customers. These bring to attention menial problems, but important to all; and elicit suggestions and solutions from those directly affected.

In this program there exist a division of labor and responsibilities between the principal host and the reseller, but their function compliment each other.

Definitely, one marked advantage of this set up is that the principal host can concentrate on the improvement of the technical concerns of the network. It can focus its efforts toward technical advancement of the industry. And this job is important because movements in the technical side in this field are like fast moving run- away train. Anybody who is not alert and aware will be crushed.

The Resellers’ job is also important, because they are the ones who bring in the money- money to move things and make the partnership of the principal hosts and reseller survives. They are the ones who compete with their business adversaries.