Defining the Forest Stewardship Council’s Role

The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-government organization that is the ones who protect to worlds ancient forest. The organization that was founded in 1992 after a colossal Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The summit had been gathered and was created, after the world stood up and recognized the massive environmental changes culminating from the loss of natural resources.

Climate changes, disease, land use problems, poverty, and pollution, are many problems that the world faces today. These were many of the issues addressed, though many of these issues though challenged have not been met. The summit is not a complete loss though, it created the Forest Stewardship Council which is the new point of control for the Forrest as the world’s governments could not agree on the notion of sustainable forestry.

There is controversy on what is considered substantial forestry. Some of the ones having a hard time agreeing are environmentalists, foresters, loggers or sociologists. This is where the Forest Stewardship Council comes into play they are the ones who represent the ideas and the voice of each, while setting down of what sustainable forestry is.

The Forest Stewardship Council is striving to create a new voice for forestry itself. Changing the actual words concerning the forestry will help to impact and improve the worlds view about forestry itself. In the aspect of a new voice for the forestry the Forest Stewardship Council has had a very good impact and is successful. The main goal of the Forest Stewardship Council in this aspect is create a better understanding for all concerned.

They are hoping to make the world realize the impact on the environment, economics, and society in general the forestry has. The Forest Stewardship Council has set a new standard in environmental agencies, as it is very much the same as the forestry profession, in where each group involved has a say. The Forest Stewardship Council has been so successful that now more than 57 countries are using the programs and standards.

In 1995 the national chapter was created in Washington D.C. where the headquarters are located. This chapter of the Forest Stewardship Council is there to coordinate and maintain the development of current and expanding programs. Many of the programs and policies are used through the U.S. They are also responsible for information to be distributed to the public. The Forest Stewardship Council is also the ones who maintain certifying many of the different organizations and the promotion concerning certificates.

There are offices located around the world but the national headquarters the U.S. is in Washington D.C. and the international headquarters is in Bonn, Germany. You will find Officials of the Forest Stewardship Council in each of the locations around the world. Each of these individual offices is what forms the International Office and contributes to the actual improvement of the Forest Stewardship Council.

The Forest Stewardship Council still strives to give everyone an equal chance towards creative and productive solutions; with all having a common ground to stand on.