Definition of SDLC and Its Phases

SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. What is it all about? What are the various phases of it? Why should every client be aware of it? Here is the explanation to all these questions. As the name implies, it is primarily used to provide methodologies to develop computer software. It is a must to be aware of the guidelines and models in order to efficiently develop computer software.

Various phases of SDLC are to be pursued in order to gain a better view of how a project could be handled. The phases of SDLC include requirements gathering and analysis, system designing, development, testing, operations and maintenance.

Requirements gathering and analysis: Under this phase, the project’s goal is determined and the functions are brought to focus. Gathering of information and analysis of the user’s requirement is also done in this phase.

System design: A sample structure of the entire project is created in this phase and all necessary data are gathered.

Development: Coding of the whole project is done in this phase. Codes are easily generated if proper design is performed in the previous stage. According to the needs of the application, programming language is selected.

System testing: After the generation of codes, testing of all the modules is performed. All modules are integrated together and proper testing tools are selected for error checking.

Operations and maintenance: Under the final stage of SDLC, the developed software is given to the users. Maintenance is necessary after the development of a successful project. It is obvious that changes occur once the project is handed over to the end user. The developers must develop the project in such a way that it is adaptable to those changes. The main operation of the software must not be affected by those changes.

It is necessary for the client to be aware of all the phases of SDLC so that they can get to know about the status of the project under proposal. The client must also be aware of various operations performed under various stages. This would enable them to handle the project with ease. This also helps them to collect good quality products. Only when the clients are aware of the stages of SDLC, they can sort out the problems that arise while using the product. This would thus produce a good quality product.