Dental Flossing Benefits

When we eat, small bits of food are left in between our teeth. Dentists recommend that we use dental floss after every meal to ensure that these specks of food are removed. Dental floss is invented to do the job of cleaning in between our teeth and to maintain healthy gums.

Dental floss is made from a thin nylon or plastic ribbons that tend to remove food particles stuck in our teeth. In 1815, a dentist from New Orleans invented it and told people that it is better to clean their teeth with silk floss. It was later made available to the public after it was mass-produced by certain companies.

Only a few people know about the necessity of dental floss. Not everyone knows that brushing does not entirely clean teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. Dentists believe that brushing only cleans a little over 60% of the mouth. Dental floss is used to ensure that the rest of the mouth is clean and free of bacteria. Dental flossing prevents bad breath and gum disease.

Deterioration of the gums often results to tooth loss. Many dentists in Murrells Inlet teach their patients of the proper way of flossing. Dental floss is quite easy to use as it is inserted between the teeth and is guided by the fingers. Forming a C-shape, the floss scrapes cavities around the tooth and under the gum line. It is important that patients should avoid scraping the gums with the floss because it may cause gum bleeding.

Murrells Inlet, SC dentists also remind their patients to consider the thickness of the floss. Thick dental floss is impossible to use for teeth that do not have ample space between. Too thin dental floss, however, are weak and breakable. Floss picks are also available in the market. They are plastic wands with attached floss at the top. Floss picks make flossing easy and convenient, especially for people on the go.

Flossing is as equally important as brushing. It is the best way to save you from gum diseases and surgeries. You can always rely on quality oral health care and advice from your local dentists. Murrells Inlet, SC dental clinics recommend patients to floss everyday. Dental flossing does not only save you from oral illnesses, it can also help you prevent other health problems.