Depression Statistics – The Numbers That Matter and the Best Treatment Available

We are going to look at just how common the depression disorder is in the country of America. Depression is something that is experienced all over the world of course, not only in America, but just to get an idea of some kind of depression statistics we will use America as an example. These statistics will be that of adults only, eighteen years and older, that are suffering or have suffered from depression. There are different types of depression and some cases are milder than others, but that will all depend on the individual and the reason for their depression as well as the treatment and precautions they took.

In any year, 6.6% of men and 12% of women will have had any type of depression; where as over an entire lifetime, approximately 10% of men and 20% of women will have had or will get clinical depression. Also in any year, 3.3% of men and 6.5% of women will have serious depression. One percent of both men and women will suffer from bipolar disorder in their lifetime, and this disorder is a big factor when it comes to the possibility of depression. Those with bipolar often become depressed as they find it difficult to accept their condition and don’t like to live with it.

Another disorder that tends to trigger depression is Dysthymia – which is a chronic condition that is distinguished by certain depressive symptoms, and these symptoms are ones that disrupt a patient’s entire life. In one’s lifetime, at least 5.4% will suffer from Dysthymia, and a percentage of about 2% will develop depression on top of this disorder.

Other statistics prove that the average age when depression is likely to occur is in the mid-twenties, Bipolar Disorder in the early twenties, and Dysthymia can occur in early adulthood, childhood or adolescents.

Anxiety disorders are also commonly associated with depression. Many people that suffer from anxiety have the same problem with depression as they are more susceptible to getting other disorders when they already have one. This is the reason why it is important for anyone with depression to have it treated immediately. By having it treated you don’t always have to go for the chemical medication first. There are many natural ways in which you can kick your depression. You don’t have to suffer your entire life, and especially if you are still young. If you don’t get it seen to it will only get worse.

By making use of natural medication you will not have to live with any dangerous side effects, nor will you be dependant on them like you would with drugs like anti depressants. You will be able to sleep at night without them eventually, and they are nowhere near as harsh as anti depressants are. You also have different options when you are looking at natural treatments for your depression. They are all safe and effective so there is no need to worry about that. Natural medication along with some good old exercise and you will feel more like yourself everyday.