Derek Hough, celeb baby bump, Ashlee Simpson and more gossip

Look who we just spotted sneaking into Cheryl Coles house! *Gasps*

No it’s not Ashley Cole (thankfully) or E.T. (although he is a damn good lookalike) – it’s Derek Hough! We spotted the dancer arriving at Cheryl’s pad a short time ago in the back of a cab.

So we guess all those rumours about Cheryl being back with Ashley were false then? Or maybe Derek has just arrived to try win back Cheryl and stop her from getting back with Ashley?

Dear God her love life’s complicated.

You wait ages for a good celeb baby bump & then three come along at once – Typical!

There was a battle of the baby bumps when Emma Bunton, Holly Willoughby and Myleene Klass arrived at the Riverside studio in London yesterday to film Celebrity Juice.

Expectant mummy Myleene – who is due to give birth next month – looked almost ready to pop in her figure hugging dress, while Emma and Holly, who both have a few more months to go, looked teeny tiny in comparison.

Britney Spears teases us with a new longer sneak peek at her video…

That Britney Spears is a tease – there’s no doubt about it. For the last couple of weeks the scoundrel has been tantalising us with the prospect of seeing her new video by showing us various small clips from the vid via Twitter.

The Hold It Against me video – purportedly her “best work” for years – was supposed to premiere today, however its now been delayed by few hours so we here in the UK will have to wait until the early hours of Friday morning to see the full version.

In the meantime though Britney’s provided us all with yet another short clip from the video, although this one’s slightly longer than the last lot; 30 seconds to be precise.

See, we told you – she’s such a tease.

This looks cosy: Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz have gone on a lunch date together…

Unlike most couple’s who are about to get divorced it seems as though Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are not at each other’s throats. Far from it; actually the pair are still managing to go on cosy lunch dates together such as they did a few days ago – on Valentine’s day (we know, we couldn’t believe it either).

The two were spotted heading into a Beverly Hills hotel together (see the above photographic evidence) on the mushy day along with their son Bronx Mowgli.

According to reports the pair decided to go out on Valentine’s day for the sake of their son, a source said:

“They’re both focused on making this transition as easy as possible for him.”

Well we’re happy about that, but Valentine’s day – really?