Designing Your Social Media Strategy – An Action Plan

Designing your social media strategy – an action plan Social marketing is hot. Marketers are thinking about how to incorporate it for their business. The question is how to gain the most out of sites like Facebook, twitter and Linkedin?

Often you see marketeers just trying out different sites. Putting the commercials on YouTube, setting up a fanpage on Facebook, opening a twitter account, all without a clear strategy and consistency.

This article describes a social strategy action plan. 

What does the action plan look like?

1st step: Define goals

Every strategy starts with the definition of clear goals. What is it that you want to accomplish? The four main goals are:

Customer Support

Social marketing can lead to:

Reach: enlarge reach, visibility
Reputation management: follow and influence reputation and brand experience of a/the target group online
Engagement: interaction with target groups
Innovation: gain new ideas for product innovation through interaction
Loyalty: building relationships with customers
Acquisition: reach new target groups
Sales: additional revenue

2nd step: Define the place of the social strategy within the organization

Depending on your goal there can be more departments involved in the social activities like:

Customer Support

3rd step: Allocate budget and fte

A social strategy and activity isn’t a one time event but a continuous process therefore people and budget must be assigned to it.

4th step: Define your target group

Who is your target group?
Where is your target group online?
What are the needs of your target group?
Where can you add value for your target group?

5th step: Listen before acting

Before getting active in social media it is wise to research where conversations take place

Just follow conversations about your brand and products.

Learn from these conversations and use this as input for your strategy to decide the place where to become active and the best tone of voice.

6th step: Become active

Paul Gillin described the STRAIGHT principle for social activity.

In social environments it is important to be:


Add Value, reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time. This will lead to personal engagement and relevancy. 

7th step: Optimize social activities constantly

Measure the results of your social activities according to the set key performance indicators
Embed reporting in your organization
Distribute the results
Optimize your activities

I hope these seven steps help you to start your social media activities with a clear and consistent strategy leading to success.

Good Luck!

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