Desire, Growth and Balance in Life

Its a strange thing you know. All my life, I have striven to set myself up for a “sea-change”. I love to surf and I’ve always admired those who can commit their life to surfing.  Living on the beach and paddling out for waves is more important to them than anything else in their lives. So, trying to emulate them, I worked and made decisions and wheeled and dealed and I’ve finally made it.  

So here I am, living on Australia’s Gold Coast, one of the world’s premier surf destinations. I am a mere 500m from the surf. Yes, here I am… sitting at this computer writing another article. “Why?” I ask myself.  I’ve made it, I am here.  Why am I not out in the water paddling with the dolphins?  I have not been for a surf all week and it is already Thursday.

I know the answer, sometimes I just do not like to admit it to myself, but life is about balance. I need to do everything to bring the level of variety into my life that will keep me sane.  Just as 15 hour days in the office would drive me mental, so would 15 hours in the surf everyday.  Sure, I would become a damn good surfer, but the cost would be my love for the ocean and my sanity.

As humans we strive to learn, to improve. Intellectual development is as important as anything in our lives.  That is why I sit here, within earshot of the breaking waves, typing at my computer. I am keeping my mind sharp and satisfying my hunger for intellectual growth.

Tomorrow is another day.  Tomorrow I will go for a surf. That will satisfy a hunger of a different kind.

What else should we be aware of to ensure we maintaining a healthy life balance. Emotional health is a good one and for me, surfing is a part of that.  So is developing my relationship with my wife and daughter though. The selfless giving that all families demand, both materially, temporally and with preconceived ideas, all help build emotional maturity.  This is an important part of everyone’s development.

It is interesting witnessing the hunger for emotional growth in people who have not experienced it.  It usually manifests in a more and more extreme search for a boundary.  I am sure you have witnessed behavior like this.

Then there is spiritual growth, most people ignore this completely and wonder why they are searching for “more meaning” in their life. This need for more meaning is the hunger for spiritual growth. It does not take much to satisfy this hunger. For me, surfing is part of this also, but so is yoga, volunteer work and a tiny bit of meditation.

As humans we strive to learn and improve, but to do so in balance. Our intellect, emotions, physical attributes and spirit all need development. Ignoring any of these needs creates a specific hunger which if not satisfied, creates unhappiness. Learn to recognize your hungers for what they are. Taking action on these hungers will lead to a happier life.  Good luck