Detoxification and Weight Loss – Detox Your Body and Lose Weight

If you noticed you have gained some weight lately and you also feel deprived of energy, it might be time for you to detox your body. What does this mean and how does it influence your weight? It is pretty easy. Due to our lifestyle, our body reaches a point where it needs to get rid of all the toxins that we accumulated in time. Although our body has an amazing healing capacity, it is sometimes recommended to help this capacity. When too many toxins reach our system, all the natural processes that take place in our body are being slowed down. We start feeling bad, we lack energy and pounds keep piling up. A detox program actually refers to cleaning your blood of harmful substances and toxins. The liver is normally responsible of this, although kidneys and other organs are also involved. If you try to detox your body and lose weight, what you actually do is to help your liver with this function.

Due to a proper functioning of the liver and to a cleansing of the entire body, you will soon notice that the extra fat is going away. If you are willing to detox your body and lose weight, you have to be aware of the fact that, although it is nothing complicated, it still requires determination from your side. Most detox plans last for about a week. During this period, you will only consume raw fruits and vegetables and natural juices.

Most of the plans recommend that you spend the first two days on liquids only and afterwards to gradually introduce solid food into your diet again. During the detox plan, solid food means fruits and vegetables, in most of the cases raw. You also have to give up alcohol, caffeine and smoking because they are important “providers” of toxins for the body. Plenty of liquids are very important because they are the one who actually flush out the toxins from the body.

A detox program is usually recommended once a year and besides the lost pounds, it also provides benefits for your overall health condition. You will feel brand new after a week of detox diet and you will also look great. The condition of your hair and skin will improve, as well as your mood and your overall mental state. It is not very difficult to detox your body and lose weight. You have to stick to the detox plan and to hang in there for a week because your body is accustomed to solid foods and the switch to liquids might be a little harsh.

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