Detoxification – Two Great Benefits in One Single Go

You must be wondering what two benefits one gets after detoxification of the body! They are nothing but cleansing of the internal organs and systems of the body and losing weight.

Let us just take a look as to what happens before, during and after detoxification.

Before: Our bodies are imbued with large reserves of the toxic substances that we have accrued over the passage of time. As a result of this piling up of the waste substances the internal organs lose their natural capacity to detox and their efficiency too decreases. The body lags behind in almost all the capacities and as a result the digestion and the immune system go for a big toss. Repeated illnesses and ailments become a regular scene.

It is during this time that a detox diet would aptly put the system back on track and also helps in flushing out the crud out of the body after which the various crucial organs of the body, like the liver, colon and kidneys will regain their original efficiency.

During: While on the detoxification process, one has to follow strict adherence to a sparing diet, not consume the regular food stuffs at all as they are very harmful to the body and contain a lot of toxins in the form of additives and artificial coloring agents. Because of the high liquid intake in the form of vegetable and fresh fruit juices, the toxins are flushed out of the system thoroughly. And also because of the intake of the raw or steamed vegetables, the body gets the necessary nutrients and even if one does not eat the regular lunch and supper there is no harm. During the diet, if they find it really difficult to pull along, they are permitted to eat those foods that cause no harm in any way to the diet regimen and the calorie intake.

After: Once the entire schedule is over, people discover that they now have high energy levels, better digestion, no constipation, no pains and aches and feel a reduction in weight. They will undoubtedly experience a lot of benefits but if they revert to their old lifestyle in eating habits, the weight is going to come back with double speed. To have these good results last for a longer time, one should take conscious decisions regarding what is healthy and what is unhealthy for them so that they will not stack their body up with unnecessary foods.

Therefore, a detox diet will help in cleansing the body thoroughly and also helps in reducing weight.