Dezhou, Shandong, China Sunshine A Mining City – Texas Sun, The City – Lighting Industry

Beijing-Shanghai Railway passes through Dezhou, known for producing delicious the “braised chicken” and famous. Today, more than 500 million people of this city, are constantly using advanced technology “mining” the sun, was the “Sun City” reputation.

In the Texas streets, parks, you can see the lights with solar photovoltaic panels. Above the city Bacheng residential solar water heaters installed. Texas Municipal Energy Office, said Xu Jie, the city’s future urban parks, squares Illumination And cross Communicate Solar lights also will be used.

Located in the north latitude of 36 degree Texas sunshine resources are not outstanding, but it brought together more than 100 private manufacturers of solar products. 16% of the whole of China solar water heater produced here, in Sell Income of 50 billion yuan.

The largest known solar group headquarters from the Ming emperor was “goods” shape composed of three buildings. The roof full of plants, photovoltaic panels installed on the external walls, windows, glass and energy saving ventilation shutter automatically according to the temperature. Connect two half moon roof solar collector area of 9,000 square meters, bigger than the standard football field nearly a third.

Building without traditional air conditioning, cooling water from the solar power all over the room ceiling, the ventilation system to bring breeze; winter through by water pipes, hot water outside the warm sun turned into a warm room.

The buildings there Wong Ming Group employs more than 800 offices, as well as a 500-room five-star hotel, will open on the 27th try. Next year in September, Sun City, where the Fourth World Conference will be the main venue.

Work in solar energy demonstration building to staff Hanzhang Ming Wong Ming Group, said: “The house is very cool, air-conditioning a light breeze, blowing him feel comfortable, the glass is insulated, the outside and then not feel hot inside.”

Wong Ming Group about selling three million square meters a year of solar water heaters, these buildings are 5000 acres of its planned investment, “Sun Valley” program.

Texas low power, low emission, energy efficient mode of development is actively respond to climate change, the implementation of a concrete manifestation of energy conservation.

State Council executive meeting held two weeks ago proposed, should control the greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change objectives, as all levels of government to develop long-term development strategy and an important basis for planning, efforts to achieve the “Eleventh Five-Year” (2006 to 2010) unit of GDP energy consumption by about 20% renewable Energy Proportion increased to 10%.

National vice chairman of the Committee of Experts on Climate Change, Tsinghua University Jiankun said: “China is currently in development stage of industrialization, fossil energy-based energy consumption will rise, carbon emissions will continue to increase. In addition to the use of traditional energy saving We urgently need to develop new energy sources, support new technologies, developing green economy. “

He said: “From 2005 to 2008, China’s new energy and renewable energy supply grew by 60%.”

, Of course, the integration of solar water heaters and buildings also face high costs, installation difficulties and obstacles such as power grid instability. China’s solar energy research scientists say they intend to closely follow the adoption of new international technology to solve.

WWF launched last year, “China’s low carbon city development projects”, Baoding and Shanghai was selected as the first pilot city. The help of the Foundation, two cities in building energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy-saving products manufacturing and application of the pilot areas, to search for information to promote the national experience. BOLA TANGKAS
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