Diabetic Meal Delivery – Is It Right For You?

Wondering about diabetic meal delivery? Getting prepared diabetic meals delivered to your door is a fairly new concept that has surfaced over the past few years but it’s growing very popular.

What exactly is it?

While every service differs slightly, diabetic meal delivery services prepare balanced, healthy meals that are suitable for type 2 or even type 1 diabetics.

They deliver them to your home either fresh or frozen. Then all you do is heat up the meal in the oven or microwave and voila – you’ve got a healthy home cooked, diabetic-friendly meal.

You can get meals a la carte, lunches and dinners only or even meal plans with 7 days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

You can get healthy meals that are low glycemic to help you keep your blood sugar under control. You can get low carb meals.

There are also diet meal delivery services specially formulated to help diabetics lose weight (which can go a long way in helping you avoid the long term complications of diabetes.)

What are the benefits to diabetic diet food delivery?

#1) It’s a great way to eat delicious tasting food – while keeping your blood sugar under control.

I’ve had diabetes for over 25 years and the one thing diabetics always have trouble with is finding food that tastes good – that they can actually eat. It seems like everything that tastes good raises your blood sugar.

Nobody wants to live on salad and chicken breast their entire lives. By getting meals that taste delicious it’s actually easier to stick to your food plan – and keep your blood sugars under control.

Eating healthy, balanced meals that help keep your blood sugar stable can help you avoid the long term complications of diabetes like kidney problems, heart disease, blindness and neuropathies that can lead to amputations.

#2) It’s a great way to lose weight

Diabetics can have problems losing weight because (in the case of type 2 diabetes) their bodies may be making too much insulin. Insulin is a hormone that signals your body to store fat (and not burn it off). So when your blood sugars are on a roller coaster, you’re constantly putting out insulin to try and get them down – which means it’s very hard to lose weight.

But if you eat healthy food that keeps the insulin and blood sugars under control, it can be easier to lose weight. Several diabetic meal delivery services are specifically geared towards doing this and helping diabetics lose weight (in addition to controlling their blood sugars). Losing weight in turn can help your body work better and again, help to keep your blood sugars under control.

#3) It’s a great way to ensure relatives are eating healthy, even when you’re not there.

Many elderly people are getting type 2 diabetes – and they don’t always have the time or patience to make themselves healthy, low glycemic meals. If you have an elderly parent or relative with type 2 diabetes, arranging to get their meals delivered is an easy way to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need – even if you’re not there to look after them.

#4) It’s an easy way to eat healthy if you’re too busy to prepare diabetic-friendly meals.

Just because you’re a diabetic doesn’t mean you have to give up your life and spend hours in the kitchen preparing special foods. You may be busy and have a hectic lifestyle without a lot of time to cook lower carb or low glycemic meals. So having a meal delivery service prepare meals for you is a great way to eat healthy and keep blood sugar levels stable.

So those are some benefits to choosing to have your diabetic friendly meals prepared for you. And with prices around $ 25 a day (or even lower!), it’s not very expensive. In fact it may even save you money over the long run.

Regardless of why you choose a diabetic-friendly meal delivery service, take your time and ask yourself what kind of food you want, how many meals you’d like, and what your budget is. Then do your research before making the final decision. BOLA TANGKAS