Diet Pills and Weight Loss – Do These Two Go Together?

Diet pills and weight loss are two things that you would associate with each other. This unfortunately is only true while you’re actually taking the diet pills. Pills such as appetite suppressants are great for reducing the amount of calories that you eat every day. But is this the way you should be losing weight, and is the weight loss permanent?

Losing weight when you’re eating less calories than you usually do is exciting when you first start taking your diet pills. The problem is, the weight loss is usually all water weight and muscle tissue. When you starve your body by consuming less calories your body will naturally feed on your muscle tissue for fuel rather than eat away at your fat.

Muscle burns more calories than fat so your body will get rid of the muscle first so your body starts burning less calories. Your body burns less calories because as your muscles get smaller your metabolism slows down. A slower metabolic rate completely contradicts the reasons why you started taking the expensive pills in the first place.

Your body eats away at the muscle and slows down your metabolism as a natural way to survive in times when you’re not eating enough calories to fuel your body. It will naturally get rid of what needs the most calories for energy and that is your muscles.

If you’re only eating 1000 calories a day because you have no appetite after taking the pills, and your body needs to burn 1,500 calories just to survive, then your body naturally creates a balance so it will only burn the 1000 calories that you’re eating.

So once you’ve been on the appetite suppressants for a while your metabolism will slow down to compensate for the lack of calories in your diet. The biggest problem arises when you start eating a normal diet again. You can’t survive on appetite suppressants for ever so you’ll eventually have to stop taking them.

When you start eating a regular diet again the pounds will instantly pile on. This is because of your new slow metabolism that you have created by taking the diet pills has completely adjusted the way your body processes the food that you eat. Once the pounds pile on the weight comes back like before only with a few extra pounds, and they will all be made of fat. This leads people to go back to starving themselves again, and the vicious circle of yoyo dieting starts.

The manufacturers of these appetite suppressants love it when people come back to them to purchase more useless pills. This is how they make millions of dollars every month without actually helping anyone to lose weight safely and correctly.

Yoyo dieters always end up heavier than they were when they started the dieting. They have a much slower metabolism, and they are also increasing in age, so losing the weight becomes harder. The correct way to lose weight is to speed up your metabolism, the last thing you want to do is slow it down.