Different Aromatherapy For The House-home And Bedroom

Providing a relaxing environment for yourself and family is important. Use Aromatherapy for the house-home and bedroom to accomplish your goal.

No one wants a dirty home so why not use items provided by nature to clean it. Unlike store bought chemicals that can be harsh and toxic, nature provides your cleaning supplies without a negative effect on your health.

The natural cleaning supplies furnished by nature are pine oil, lemon oil, grapefruit oil, tea tree oil, frankincense oil and lavender oil. Give these oils a try instead.

For an air freshener, try grapefruit oil, pine oil and lavender oil. These scents not only cover up odors from pets and smoke, they get rid of them completely. Simply take a spray bottle with water and add one of the oils to it and you have your air freshener.

Disinfectants can be expensive and do not seem to last long. Consider using pine, frankincense or tea tree oil instead. These oils clean everything including floors, counters, sinks, bathtubs and toilets. Again using a spray bottle and some water, add borax or baking soda to it and then a few drops of oil.

Carpet shampoos seem to cost the most and do not always give you the results you want. Instead of buying these shampoos, use lemon oil. Keep in mind to use more oil than you would if you were adding it to a spray bottle.

The brain’s pleasure center, limbic system, is connected directly to you sense of smell. Scents affect us in certain ways because this area of the brain controls sensory experiences, hunger, sex drive, emotions and memories.

To add some more relaxing aromas to your home, try lavender oil, rose oil or frankincense.

Lavender oil can help get rid of headaches, ease depression and help you relax.

Improving your frame of mind and providing a light floral scent is the purpose of rose oil.

For a tranquil environment, use frankincense.

To arouse your lover’s sensual side, aromatherapy can be extremely helpful. By creating a more relaxing environment, it will be easier to get him/her in the right mood.

People use perfumes, lotions and colognes all in an effort to smell good. We can use them to try to attract others or maybe certain smells bring back memories.

For a warmer, spicy odor, ginger may be more to your liking. This particular oil is mentioned in the Kama sutra. Other aphrodisiacs include patchouli, rose, sandalwood and argarwood. The most powerful of these is argarwood.

After marrying, Indonesian couples will spread the ylang ylang flower on their bed. This flower provides a sedative and euphoric effect on the nervous system.

For increased stamina and arousing the libido, try yohimbe oil. It is also used to enhance performance issues in the bedroom.

You and your partner should make the final decision on which aromatherapy scents you prefer. Get creative by adding the oil to bathwater, heating it up or giving a massage. Just remember choosing and using the correct oils is imperative.