Different Face Shapes Need Different Glasses Frames

As time changes, the purpose of using eyeglasses has also changed. People not only wear eyeglasses for visual impairments but also for fashion as well. That’s why you can now find a lot of stylish designed glasses in the commercial market.


Eyeglasses can actually enhance your facial features to make you look sleek, stylish and trendy. The important thing about selecting glasses in finding which type suits your facial shape best. Not every eyeglass shape, design or color will look good on you. So it is advisable to try out several pairs to check which one makes you stand out.


You should check eyeglass frames that are suited to your particular face contour. First, assess what is the exact shape of your face. It can be round, square, oval or diamond.  Eyeglass manufacturers come up with different types of frames to suit each particular face shape.


If you have a round or full face, certainly you will not look good with round eyeglass frames. The trick for round faces is to provide a contrast, so square frames look great on them.  The defined edges provide a balance to the round structure of the face and provide an illusion of length to make you stand out.


On the other hand, if you have a square structure which usually means your jaws are quite defined on both sides of the face, rounded or oval glasses will offset the obvious angle on your jaws.  The best eyeglass frame shape for you should be the ones that are a bit rounded on their edges. Never go for very small rounded frames that just end around the outer corners of the eye as they will just make your face look a lot fuller.  Choose those with edges that extend way to the outer corners so they will complement the square structure of your face.


For both round and square faces, thicker frames with larger lenses work best in slimming your face. Never go for very thin glasses with rectangular shapes like the ones used for reading glasses since they will only make your face appear larger.


Thin, oval face shapes are the best facial structures to dress up with fashion eyeglass frames.  If you have this type of facial shape, consider yourself very lucky.  Almost any shape or design will suit you and create a different type of look every time you switch eyeglass designs.  If you have an oval faced shape that’s a bit on the smaller end, don’t go for those really big glasses though. They’re very well suited for individuals with large faces, but they might cover up most of your face and fail to enhance your looks.  Choose a similar eyeglass shape you like, but go for those that come in smaller sizes so your beautiful facial contours don’t get hidden beneath the glasses. Also go for the lighter frames so they don’t weigh down your petite face.