Different Kinds Of Nose Shapes

The nose is a very important part of your face It is found right at the center of your face, separating your upper face from your lower face. The upper facial area is composed of the forehead, eyes, and ears, while the lower facial area is comprised of the lips and chin. The nose serves as a boundary to these two halves.

Moreover, the nose gives you the sense of smell. It helps you distinguish odor. Olfactory nerves are connected to the nervous system. They excite the brain when they sense something. These nerves also function with the eyes and ears. Tears form when you inhale harmful gases. Moreover, your hearing ability is slightly reduced during severe colds.

Aside from smelling stuff, the nose is also dictates the how your face will look, as it serves as the center of attraction on your face. Aside from the eyes, it is your most noticeable facial feature. Because of this, some undergo surgical procedures to improve their nose appearance.

Shape and size determine the overall appearance of your nose. There are several factors affecting nose shape and size, such as genetics, racial affiliation, and external factors. Genetics and racial affiliation refer to your bloodline. Nose appearance depends on the characteristics of your mother and father. At the same time, it is influenced by your racial lineage. For instance, Americans are from Caucasian descent. During nose surgery, Los Angeles surgeons analyze and alter their nose shape based on the ideal Caucasian nose structure.

Nose shapes can be convex, concave, wavy, and straight. Convex noses are characterized by bulky nose tips that point upwards. During nose surgery, Los Angeles surgeons enhance its bulbous tip by refining the nose edge and rebuilding the bridge. On the other hand, convex-shaped noses have prominent bridge humps. The concave structure is improved by cutting off its excess cartilage. Convex shapes are common among people of European and Native Indian descent.

A wavy nose shape is also known as boxers nose. Wavy nose shapes are caused by nasal fractures or injuries. These damages are repaired during nose surgery. Los Angeles surgeons remove cartilage from protrusions and implant tissue on over-arching regions. Many people aspire to have a straight-shaped nose. Finally, there is the straight-shaped nose shape, which is ideal for most people.