Different Varieties Of Combat Boots

As the name implies, combat boots are an accessory for combat and designed exclusively for making things easy for soldiers. So much so that appearance is given less importance in the making of combat boots. More glossy shoes have been developed for the soldiers use during ceremonial occasions where manufacturers have given more importance to appearance. Tanker boots, jackboots, desert boots and trench boots are some among the several types of combat boots.

Tanker boots are combat boots used by soldiers who are engaged in frontline combat in armored vehicles known as tanks. A conspicuous difference of tanker boots from other boots is that it is lace-less. Fastening is managed by the buckling of straps around the upper of the boots. Another difference of tanker boots from other combat boots is that the tongue is sewn to the boots for about 1.5″. Because of it, the soldier wearing tanker boots can stand in water of up to a height of 14″, without risking the water seeping into the boots. The boots have metal inserts in the sole, and a steel shank and steel toe guard provide additional protection.

Jackboots are a form of combat boots that have been in use from the middle of the 18th century onwards and still finds use to a limited extent. In the USA it is used by policemen on motorcycles. It is a form of high boots and has a similarity with tanker boots in that this too is not laced. It has strong leather sole with some models having spikes called hobnails on the sole. A type of combat boots very similar to jackboots was used by German soldiers during the First World War. But rightly or wrongly, the use of the word jackboots has connotations of radical and authoritarian political ideology in language and literature.

Desert combat boots are boots designed for soldiers stationed in deserts. Deserts boots have no metal inserts and lots of importance is given in the design for keeping the feet cool by side vents and moisture wicking lining. These have a shock mitigation system that cushions the feet by lessening the strength of impacts. Other characteristics of these combat boots are an oil resistant outsole, padded collar etc. There are also desert tanker boots which are very similar to regular tanker boots but do not have steel toe guards. And modern desert tanker boots are provided with webbing reinforcement for good ankle support whereas conventional tanker boots had limited ankle support provision.

Trench boots are combat boots, which are better known in a historical perspective because these were mostly used during the First World War when trench warfare was common. These were high boots with an upper made of tanned cowhide. It had iron inserts and hobnails on the outsole. Though the boots did not see much improvement after the mid 19the century because of the gradual petering out of the trench style warfare, these combat boots became necessary now and then on occasions like Korean War, Iran-Iraq War etc. where trenches were in use.

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