Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY) Sherriff’s Association Taking Notice

Digital Ally, a manufacturer of advanced video surveillance products used for law enforcement, homeland security and commercial security applications, today announced yet another order from one its state highway patrol customers. The value of the order for its flagship Digital Ally’s DVM – 750 In-Car Digital Video Systems come to $ 350K. This order is a repeat from the same police department who expects to install the new video systems for its entire fleet of highway patrol vehicles in the future. In August, the company had announced that they had received the first order for the same systems under a state wide contract from the Sheriff’s Association that represented 59 agencies throughout the state. The contract totaled more than $ 750K and called for the systems to be delivered in the current quarter. Subsequently, two major Sheriff’s departments in the Southeastern U.S. placed orders for the DVM-750, while another Sheriff’s department in the same area placed a third reorder. “This is great news from major domestic law enforcement agencies, a growing number of which have adopted our DVMs as their exclusive in-car video system for new vehicles and upgrades to their existing fleet of vehicles,” stated Stanton E. Ross, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. “We continue to expand our base of new customers, while maintaining a strong pipeline of reorders from existing customers, as satisfaction with the performance of our DVM systems gains recognition throughout the law enforcement community. We believe our growing customer base sets the stage for further market penetration by our new products, including the First Vu wearable body camera and LaserAlly LIDAR speed detection system”. Earlier this month, Stanton E. Ross had stated that they expected to receive and ship a significant number of additional orders under statewide contracts and from foreign countries during the second half of 2010.

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