Digital Broadcaster Facebook’s Places Deals Initiated By Starbucks, O2 And Yo! Sushi

As the Facebook Places Deals is now being launched in the UK, market players such as Starbucks, O2 and Yo! Sushi aid in the initiation process for starters.

A confirmation from Facebook suggested that a fairly large amount of major players are partnering the services which rewards users for their visits to different locations by keeping track of their whereabouts on the digital broadcasting platform courtesy of the users phone.
Commenced yesterday, the initial 30,000 Facebook users that make use of the service, or rather check in to the participating Starbucks stores anywhere in the UK would have the privilege of a free filter coffee.
Debenhams is also now setting up itself to give away a 1,000 free benefit mascaras whilst also throwing in free makeovers for people that check in to their superstores on the upcoming Valentines Day. The big draw however, comes from car make Mazda who will engage in giving away five cars every month for five months and a admirable 20% per cent discount to anyone who would check in to a Mazda showroom on a select few range of cars.
But as brands have their differences, so does their continuum of deals that they offer on the new check in services from Facebook. An example can be Benetton and Argos who have collaborated with charitable trusts and its related donation activity amalgamated with their launch check in deals. Innovation has already claimed a place for itself with regards to the check ins as digital broadcaster Facebooks users will also be entitled to discounts and free products by attaining loyalty points through frequent check ins at one given place and could also add points for themselves by taking a friend along to a shop or restaurant.
Coming from the horses mouth, Emily White, Facebooks director or local, was heard saying that the service deals would soon be available at local smaller shops and restaurants. However, Facebook decided to commence this project in the UK, Spain, France, Italy and Germany with major players such as Yo! Sushi.
At the moment, Facebook incurs no funds from these gamut of partnerships but did not, in any way, deny the cash flow gained from the users purchases attributed to the check ins that would take place in the near future.
As this service was available in the US by the end of 2010, initial partnering companies included Macys, Gap and Starbucks.
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