Digital Chroma Key effects

What is Chroma Key?

It is a form of process which is used mainly for digitally replacing the background image of a subject by any other image. Such process requires a specific setting and video editing tools that help in replacing the background image of a subject.

Setting required for accomplishment of the process:

A photographer needs a green or blue shaded cloth for placing it as the background of the subject. These two shades are specifically chosen as they are farthest from the human skin tone and therefore these colors can help in proper masking of the background image with an editing tool to be replaced by any other selected image as a background of the subject. You also need a proper lighting system. Use flood lights that are covered with a butterfly sheet as these illuminate a subject properly and eliminate all sorts of shadow areas on the face or clothes of the subject. These flood lights also leave a soft effect or touch on the face of a person and this enhances the perfection of photography. Then, you can also collect graphics, images or videos for flawless presentation of a picture. Upload all these pictures in the editing tool that perform Chroma Key effect. Perform the masking process by selecting any image and replace it behind the subject. You can make a person place behind ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ or place him in an exotic and exquisite locale. This kind of picture making enables a photographer to use boundless creativity for attaining perfect results. A person can also apply visual effects to the videos or images. You can apply transitions and music effects to an image. Some advanced and latest technology based computer programs enable a user for even uploading the transitions and other visual or musical effects from the system. In this way, you can customize the videos and images as per the requirement.

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