Digital Dentists Save You Time and Hassle

There are certain digitally assisted dental systems that assist in the ceramic reconstruction of natural tooth structure, and they are being touted as a breakthrough in modern cosmetic dentistry. This a procedure used to speed up and provide a more detailed examination and construct of damaged teeth. This procedure makes it entirely possible to walk out of the dentist’s office with a fully restored and brilliant tooth in a single visit – as opposed to the normal 2 or more visits required for normal cosmetic dentistry veneers procedures.

The obvious bonuses are that you have to lose less time from work attending a second visit, also there are no temporary veneers to live with while you wait for your permanent veneer(s). Temps can actually be both uncomfortable and unpleasant to look at, so this is very beneficial. There is also no need for a second set of needles to cause discomfort or fear.

This speed is possible because these digital systems do not need to make mold impressions of the teeth, nor wait as the veneer models are constructed at a secondary location. The process is done in-office, by a computer controlled diamond head cutting mill machine, based on a digital model. This digital impression is completed by way of digital 3D photography and CAD (Computer Aided Drafting). Once the digital model is completed, it is then manipulated on proprietary computer software, and the finished digital model is then sent to the milling machine to finish constructing the implant. The best of these systems uses only diamond head cutters to ensure complete accuracy.

Using this technology, it is very time saving and the final restoration will be as close to perfect as possible. Some would even argue that the digital impression is a far more detailed implant, matching better than the now standard molded impressions. It’s certainly more comfortable than having to sustain a mouthful of sludge for 30 seconds or more.

This process can address many problems and damage caused to teeth for the various number of reasons. For example, if a tooth breaks and said break is too large for a simple filling procedure, The digitally enhanced procedure allows the dentist to make an inlay – or an onlay on site – thus having the obvious advantage of normal cosmetic veneers, in that the material will last for 20 or more years. As well, your tooth will look more natural than any other materials currently used to reconstruct broken teeth. Also, in the area around the front teeth and posterior teeth that are in need of crowns, this system can be used to re-contour the teeth, replace the front of the teeth with a uniformed and matching color, and this usually results in a beautiful aesthetic appeal and an extremely life-like appearance. Again, in normal circumstances this takes place all in one visit.

This new digital system uses standard dental laminates and veneers but within the context of digital assistance, and it is both the speed and accuracy of this technique that many find appealing. The only downside of this technology is in finding a dentist that has learned and mastered it. However as time passes more and more dentists who specialize in retorative procedures are learning and becoming proficient in this new and promising technology.

So when you decide it’s high time to take the plunge and get cosmetic dentistry veneers, or repair a damaged tooth, ask your dentist if he’s familiar with the system, and if not, do some research to find a certified Cerec Dentist in your area.