Dining plus Card Offer in Aurangabad

Dining Plus card customers live standard life style that is appreciable. A person using dining plus card can use it very often and save a lot while spending on day to day activities. Dining plus are having over 1600 partners at very prestigious locations; customers are heartily welcomed at some of the finest restaurants, hotels, hospitals, fitness centres, furniture, beauty centres, jewellery stores, apparels, shopping malls, to avail many schemes. Dining plus is a privilege that appeal to everyone regardless of salary, lifestyle or age. The customers get unlimited offers in 65 cities in India, whereas over 400 outlets are spread across Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong and Kuala Lampur, where the customers can enjoy splendid and expensive looking dining deals, It’s difficult to carry hard cash now a days while travelling. So, Dining Plus Card holders have the benefit that they need not to carry cash while travelling. It is just the card in the pocket and the customer can avail various exciting offers. Sometimes Dining plus card clients also get “Gift Vouchers” followed by the schemes they already get by using the card.

Dining Plus was founded by Tushar Mashruwala and Ashok Kalyanpur in 1998. As a solution to make some great savings on expenses and recover the shrinking percentage of business dining and entertainment, they got Dining Plus. Dining Plus created a continuously growing customer base and the business of the participating merchants automatically increased. Now Dining Plus includes business customers as well as individual customers. Dining Plus card now a day’s includes not only dining or accommodation, but many more lifestyle benefits and health, fitness and beauty offers. Dining Plus is nationally recognized for the quality of the participating vendors and the enormous increase in number of its customers. Above 400,000 customers are enjoying the Dining Plus Card Offers these days and getting benefited. Dining Plus makes a surprise for every occasion for friends and family. As there are too many outlets, the customers get varieties of choices.

Even now Dining Plus is trying to expand its horizon of operation and activities, globally by establishing business with more and more merchant partners. Aurangabad, the attractive city has some top rated restaurants and attractions. The Dining plus card offers in Aurangabad can help the clients avail the facilities of these hotels and to taste the yummy food of some of the finest restaurants .The Customers can also use the Dining Plus Card at other places like Fitness Centres, Beauty Centres etc. and can get tremendous offers followed by gift vouchers. Apollo Pharmacy, Arts Executive Hotel, Balle balle restaurant, D Sutra Pubs $ Bar, Indiana Veg. Restaurant, some multi cuisine restaurants like Celebrations, The Diwan-e-am etc.,some hotels with nice amenities like The Ambassador Ajanta, Riviera hotel, Raj hotel etc., are the merchant partners of Dining Plus in Aurangabad. Dining Plus allows the customer to avail unlimited lifestyle privileges at low cost. It is an amazing experience to be treated as special, being a Dining Plus Card holder.
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