Directory Submission: An Important Step to Your Site Promotion

Whether as a leisure pursuit or paying attention on making some dollars on the Net, you developed and designed a site which truly looked striking. Your website in question also had high-quality material that internet visitors might find important and useful. You subscribed to a web hosting plan, bought your own custom domain name, and at the end launched your site on a fine day. You tracked your analytics data or site statistics in a day of two later and dreadfully discovered that not a single visitor on earth ever visited your website.

You are now wondering and thinking what in the God’s green earth is going wrong? How is it possible that no one is visiting your site that you invested so much time on? Answer to the questions is very easy actually. Your potential visitors will have to run into your site before they can pay a visit. You need to properly promote your site via an efficient link building operation before a visitor can find it.

There are various ways to promote a site and one of the efficient methods is directory submission. Directory submission is not only n vital link building step for your site; it also sends the site owners visitors from the directories which is a plus.

You need to be familiar with the directory submission practice before you can suggest your site properly. You should be able to realize which directories worth submitting to and which ones are nothing but total waste of your valuable time.

DMOZ or Open Directory Project is always a wise choice where you can submit to. Google doesn’t have a categorized directory of its own and uses DMOZ listing for its own directory data. There are ton of other search engines and individual directories that don’t have any database of their own and use DMOZ results as well. So suggesting your site to DMOZ and getting approved there can be very helpful. You can visit DMOZ.ORG and suggest your site under the proper category. It is greatly suggested that you start your directory submission campaign with Open Directory. One important point regarding DMOZ which you need to keep in mind is that it can take months before you can get accepted.

2nd step to directory submission is to locate as many online directories you can and put together a list of directories referencing their page rank. Higher the page rank of the directory, better it is. Once you put together the list of directories where you intend to submit to, rest is just keep submitting to them. You can submit to ten to twenty directories per day because too fast link building is not very wise and can be suspicious to search engines.

Directory submission is an important step to link building and you need to submit to a lot of directories to get the needed links. You will soon find that it is taking you a lot of time to submit to all the directories by manually by hand. To reduce the submission time, you can use a form filler that allows you to input the submission data once for all of your submissions. There are Firefox add-ons or plugins available which you can easily find by searching Google.
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