Directory Submission Technique of Link Building

There is a dispute as to whether directory submission is an efficient link building technique still or not. If we go straight to the base, it can be said that it was and as of yet is an efficient link building technique. How successful this specific link building method will work for you will depend rely on how many and to what sort of directories you are submitting your site to.

Amount of backlinks has always been a key aspect for organic search engine placement. Recently Google is granting preference to the type of links as well. If by any chance you can get to achieve the quality in your link building venture in addition to the number of backlink you are getting, then there would be no question in mind that you will dominate your industry and squash the competition. It is highly recommended that before you begin the directory submission process, you should look to find as many quality directories as you possibly can get. A realistic looking link building process must include wide range of directories where some need to be from different geographic location.

It is very well known that websites with quality possess more authorities as far as Google is considered. DMOZ, also known as Open Directory Project is one of the higher authority directories which any directory submission campaign must consider submitting to. Where submitting to DMOZ cost-free, this specific directory maintains very high standards and approval time is also very long.

With exclusion of DMOZ, most of the other high standards and high authority directories are paid where one needs to pay for the directory submission. In some of the directories, the review fees do not guarantee acceptance. If for some reason your submission does not get approved, the review fees are most of the time not refundable. So it is important to make sure that you have a good quality site before you even consider submitting to these paid directories.

Link building is truly an important step towards search engine marketing and ranking. Since sites get higher position on leading search engines based on backlink quantity and the value of those links, you need to spend enough of time developing a rock solid link building plan with link building tricks that work. Directory submission should be included in any link building drive not only because it’s fruitful but also to create diversity in your link building venture.

It is not very difficult to gather a list of hundreds or thousands of directories where one can submit a site to as there are virtually ton of web directories out there on the net. It may be easier to locate a somewhat OK directory list where there are lot of directories listed already. If you can not happen to get a list of directories and need to get your hands on whole bunch of directories you want to submit to, you can try a some reputable webmaster forums where directory list like this get posted often by members.

If you find it challenging or tremendously time consuming building a list and then submit to the directories manually one by one, you can think about outsourcing your directory submissions to an SEO Company who can submit to as much directories as you want them to submit. Do a little research on the SEO Company you wish to outsource to and try to find few reviews about their reputation and services. If the company in question is reputable, then you should find at least a few reviews about them somewhere.