Disc As A Sales Personality Test

Managers in business organizations across the world use behavioral assessments to understand strengths and challenges in themselves and others. One such assessment rapidly gaining popularity in the corporate world is the DiSC behavioral profile.
Originally created by Dr. William Marston at Columbia University, the DiSC behavioral profile gained momentum when it was updated by Dr. John Geier at the University of Minnesota. It is a non-judgmental behavioral assessment which helps people learn, discuss and eventually work around their distinct personality compositions. Over four decades, it has been translated into over 25 languages and helped 40 million people to optimize their work life.
The DiSC behavioral profile explores four distinct personality traits and categorizes them into styles. Dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness are the behavioral styles that come together to create the DiSC acronym.
DiSC has especially come into the forefront as a superior sales personality test. The behavioral profile helps sales people better understand not only themselves but also their customers. Through DiSC, they can understand why certain customers behave the way they do and also predict how they will arrive at a decision.
For instance, dominant customers are usually direct and decisive. They have an iron will and believe in being proactive about getting desired results immediately.
Influence-driven customers would be those who look forward to working on teams and sharing ideas with others. They are typically more outgoing and enjoy entertaining others.
Those displaying steadiness on the DiSC behavioral profile are helpful, sympathetic and co-operative. They would prefer to be out of the spotlight, doing the legwork with consistent, predictable method.
Finally, conscientious customers plan ahead before making any decisions, including making a purchase. They are concerned about quality and have a systematic approach to gauging the value of a product or service. They are often meticulous double-checkers.
A salesperson who has applied the DiSC behavioral assessments on his customers will understand better than to expect conscientious customers to make snap-decisions and impulsive purchases. He would also be able to express the actionable value of his product or service to a dominant customer. On the other hand, to an influence-driven buyer, he may need to take the extra time for informal small talk, and focus on the positive aspects of the product. A steadiness-driven purchaser is likely to appreciate the consistency and dependability of a product, and requires a more informal and low pressure sales approach.
Therefore, being equipped with the ability to gauge their customers requirements, sales people can strengthen their relationship with them, deliver perceived value and eventually ensure optimum satisfaction. As an effective sales personality test, DiSC reduces conflict, improves communication, and helps establish rapport.
Thus, as a sales personality test, the DiSC behavioral profile is an excellent assessment to train on-field staff, boost sales, and eventually enhance business image and profits. BOLA TANGKAS
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