Discover the Best Way to Reverse Female Hair Loss

Ever wondered how nice it would be if you could get rid of that slow baldness spreading on the top of your head? Would that make you more confident, a happier person? Don’t worry; this is not a pipe dream. Female hair loss can be reversed easily; you just have to know how.

To identify the best treatment for female hair loss, we first need to understand why it happens in the first place at all.

If you are going through some hormonal changes depending on your life stage – like a pregnancy or menopause, then a little loss of hair is not unheard of. The best part is – this is not something to be worried of as it will stop by itself in a little while. There is no need of any kind of medication or treatment.

On the other hand, if your loss of hair is genetic – your parents have also had it, then it becomes a more serious problem. This usually happens when your body contains a little extra Androgen or Estrogen (male and female hormones).

This hormone produces a derivative substance known as DHT. This DHT interferes with the proper functioning of the hair follicles in your scalp. It makes the follicles produce thinner hair than usual, and ultimately completely strangles the production of new hair.

As no new hairs are grown to replace the old and discarded ones, a bald patch begins to become visible on your scalp.

How to cure this problem

The solution to loss of hair lies in stopping the DHT from interfering with your hair follicles. If this can be prevented, then the hair on your scalp will be able to live their complete life cycle of birth, growth and then the ultimate surrender to new hair.

The FDA approved ingredient Minoxidil has been found to significantly inhibit the DHT in the blood stream. This not only stops the female hair loss, but also enables the growth of new hair to cover up the complete scalp.

If you fortify this ingredient with other ingredients like Vitamin B6 and Horsetail Silica, then your hair re-growth will be even faster.

You have to remember – reversing female hair loss is not something that happens overnight. Just use the right ingredients and allow them to work their magic on your hair.

The results may surprise you.