Diseases That Should Be Prevented in Fall

It`s cool in the early autumn moring, but till noon, it becomes too hot. Some diseases will arrive silently if you are not alert, Hereinafter, some easily got diseases in the beginning of autumn, This article is to remind people of different ages to protect their body, thus preventing the disease.Would You Wear Bandy Hockey stick ?

Pulmonary tuberculosis: More activities are carried out in autumn, so it is easy for people to get infected with pulmonary tuberculosis unknowingly when they are in close contact with such infectious patients. Attention! a Large Selection of Excitingly Attractive Bandy Hockey stick at Clearance Prices So, raise alertness when you have the symptoms like flushing, slight fever, fatigue, night sweat, cough, phlegm etc. How to Design Your Seductive ice hockey sticks Everyday To be aware of not spitting everywhere and preventing diseases from spreading, No staying in crowd for a long time. Keep ventilation of working and living places.What to Wear to Dinner? – the Best Choice

Common cold: The abnormal climate change is very obvious in autumn and high incidence of flu appears this time. Do You Make These 5 Common Beauty Mistakes with cricket bats Wear different clothes according to different temperature. Shinty Hockey stick , Give You A New Life Do more outdoor exercises, drink proper amount of water and eat more fruits. It is also helpful for the prevention of cold to often wash faces and nose with cold water.

Bronchitis: Autumn is a high-risk period when the chronic bronchitis happen. It is more sensitive to climate change, and has a poor adaptability. We should keep a good mood so as to strengthen the immunity and resistance of our bodies to all kinds of deseases. The ultimate and strongest defence works against all kinds of deseases are our own bodies. And improve the indoor environment, maintain good indoor ventilation.