Display Stands – For More Visual Exposure On Product Marketing

The CD and DVD stores of today totally depend on the powerful advertising tool called the display stand. The store owners try and put as many as possible discs on display. This is done so that a potential customer can end up buying something had not planned to buy on second thoughts. The whole plethora of album covers and movies startles the customer, and out of sheer excitement customers end up buying more than they had planned for. The strategy to put which disc where is very important. For example the latest and the most popular have to be placed at the front, where it can catch the eyeballs of each and every customer entering the shop. The casual customer may fall in the current trend of the latest music or film and end up buying. Hence, proper and well placed display racks are the key to a successful music and movies CD/DVD store.

Display stands have a direct impact on the advertising of the product. From a functional point of view a display racks should incite the consumer’s eagerness to buy the goods. It should be able to draw the consumer to the product. More or less it should have the persuasion power. The function of the display solutions can be chalked out step by step. Firstly, it has to grab the attention of the visitor. Secondly, after getting the attention the display should be able to generate some interest. Thirdly, this interest would lead to the desire of owning the product, and finally the product will remain in his memory which would make him buy the product instantly or maybe later. All this depends on the color, texture and the calligraphy; overall design of the display. Elements of interior design are also important in the decoration and placement of the display. But it also has to fulfill the needs of basic advertising. In its own style and structure design the display solutions must give out the information needed and sales function of the product.

Any stand should have some basic qualities. Appearance is basic. But as we know these music shops are changing the arrangements of these display solutions very frequently. There are solid structures of display stands which are very inconvenient to maneuver as they are heavy and not meant to be displaced. So, today’s it is getting lighter and easy to handle. They don’t come in single pieces now. They are assembled very quickly and can be disassembled very quickly. This saves a lot of money in terms of labor and space. This aspect of fast disassemble factor makes transport and on the spot improvising very convenient.

Coming back to the case of the CD/DVD stores, the role of the display stands becomes very important. That is why a whole lot of money and effort goes behind the designing of the covers of these disks. And if this special art work is not exhibited properly then the whole investment for the styling of the disks goes wasted.