Ditch the Digital Delay With Instaport(TM) Technology

Advancements in technology for home theater owners are increasing everyday and are making the home theater experience more realistic with each improvement. Once such improvement introduced to home theater owners is InstaPort™ technology. Basically, InstaPort™ technology enables immediate access to HD content from consumer electronic devices and allows the home theater owner to experience high definition digital video content anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Consumers today connect their source devices such as game consoles, set top boxes, Blu-Ray players, AppleTV, and Roku boxes to their TVs using HDMI. When switching among devices, users typically experience a 5- to 7-second delay before seeing contact. InstaPort™ technology enables immediate access to the content by reducing the switching time to less than 1 second. The obvious benefit to the consumer is the reduction in wait time when switching between devices. Televisions with InstaPort™ technology accelerate the switching time without any modification required to source devices. Developers of the InstaPort™ technology have been actively engaged with TV manufacturers to integrate the InstaPort™ technology in 2009 models. As a result, there are many major TV brands that support InstaPort™ technology beginning with 2009 models. When considering purchasing a new television, consumers should look for manufacturers who recognize InstaPort™ technology as a value to the consumer. Those manufacturers are the ones that will most likely be adding the InstaPort™ technology to new set models.

For a more technical explanation of digital video delay, there is an inherent 5- to 7-second delay in switching between HDMI sources that is primarily caused by the authentication process required to display protected content of the TV. HDCP, or high definition content protection standard, implemented in HDMI ensures that there is no copying of premium content. The source devices which initiate the HDCP authentication process by exchanging keys with the television typically take 5 to 7 seconds before displaying content. The authentication process is like a handshake which happens between the source devices and the TV to insure that they both support this HDCP or HD content protection. So every time the user switches a source device this long authentication process starts all over again causing this inherent 5 to 7 second delay. What InstaPort™ technology does is maintain constant authentication for all the source devices connected to the TV. When the user switches between devices they do not see the delay; instead, they get instant access to HD content. This technology is integrated into select port processor chips which are implemented into television models beginning in 2009, enabling viewers to see HD content immediately upon the switch between devices.

In a technology-centered world based on instant gratification, InstaPort™ technology is a home theater owner’s dream come true. With the elimination of wait time among device switching, viewers are able to enjoy their home theater entertainment literally at the blink of an eye.