Diversified Packaging Is Ideal For Condiment Market

Seasoning Is an important food cooking accessories, therefore, will have a special condiment packaging requirements, including the repeated sealing, dark, stability and so on.

Soy sauce , Vinegar can be considered representative of liquid condiments, there are many of these spices, such as wine and Seasoning oil And so on. In the planned economy era glass was unified soy sauce, vinegar and packaging, can be said that since the glass container of liquid seasoning or one of the last few positions. Glass does have its advantages, transparency, good barrier properties, low price, easy to reuse.

Situation has changed greatly in recent years, glass structure of world domination has been broken, plastic bags, PET bottles and barrels have entered into the concave liquid condiment market. PET bottles and glass bottles on the scale and capacity similar to, but lighter than glass and have a better gloss, and have available for repeated use of the cap; PE barrels generally have larger capacity, faster consumption occasions for repeated letters Hop resistance is also very good.

Although glass bottles are still dominant, but Plastic bottles The development of packaging for liquid seasonings provide a new choice.

Small volume of liquid condiments such as mustard oil, Chili Oil and some soy sauce and other high-grade raw food is still dominated by glass bottles, but all use the plastic bottle. Use plastic bottle, can greatly facilitate the consumers.

Sugar, salt has been used to do bag packing, especially in large-scale transport packaging. But plastic bags are the main Sell Packaging. Over the years, little change in the packaging specifications.

Recent years, the types of salt have been some changes, some of the features of iodized salt and other salt products entering the market, has become mainstream, salt increased the text description of packaging requirements. Packaging plastic packaging from the beginning a single conversion, carton packaging began to appear.

Sugar-based packaging is still in plastic bags, but the trend is clearly towards the paper bags. It is more in line with Environmental protection Requirements, is a trend of packaging; other functional paper has shrunk, can have high strength and good moisture resistance, Print Sex, bag technology has made substantial progress.

Sauce thick packaging materials are divided into two categories: bags and bottles. Low-grade sauce-based packaging to plastic packaging. Some high-end sauces such as chilli sauce, tomato sauce, jam, adopted all kinds of glass packaging, with a plastic lid for easy opening and closing several times. Also add some sauce with aluminum sealing film to extend shelf life. Shaped bottles were seen in some upscale sauce packaging, such as salad dressings and so on. Small volume packaging sauce, such as tomato sauce, etc., basically the aluminum plastic composite packaging.

Large number of larger particles of the seasoning, pepper, aniseed, and even hot pepper, garlic can also be classified in one of these spices are also most extensive phase of the operation, mostly in bulk, there are only single-layer plastic packaging bags, very rudimentary. In addition to this type of condiment itself is not precise, the price is not high, there is no simple brand may be an important factor in packaging. From the development point of view, plastic bags would be ideal for larger size packaging.