Do it Yourself Diet For Life That You Can’t Cheat On, That Makes You Happy

Spend two weeks deep in thought about what your favorite foods are–all your favorite foods, including junk foods and alcohol.  Think, think, because we don’t eat our favorite foods just like we don’t live the life we would prefer.  Example:  You love canned pineapple, but classify it as a dessert, and you seldom eat desserts.  You will encounter mind blocks like that in this project.

And while you are thinking, eat up what is in the house as you purchase your favorite foods, putting the ones you don’t have to cook at EYE LEVEL.  Don’t forget popcorn at eye level, canned Mandarin oranges, etc.

Next stage is two weeks of fitting favorite foods into the way you cook, if you cook–into your lifestyle; combining them together too.  Example:  that pineapple (crushed), blended with pureed garbanzo beans, some sweet green relish, a tad of horseradish, and some grated cheddar cheese, put into pita bread and baked in a toaster oven.  Without the cheddar cheese, maybe with cottage cheese, as a summer salad on lettuce leaves–or in a common sandwich, leftovers.

While you are thinking the second two weeks, continue buying favorite foods and putting them where your eyes trip over them.  You will walk into the kitchen hungry and not reach for junk food you don’t really want; you will reach for what you see and do want.  Don’t forget the simplest pleasures such as lettuce, tomato and onion sandwiches on farm bread with Miracle Whip.

You ease into this diet; it takes time.  Remember you are not consciously trimming calories or fat or any other thing unless you WANT TO AT THE MOMENT.  Remember this is a diet without a beginning or end date.

As you eat primarily the foods and the meals you enjoy, strange things happen.  One, food ceases to be an issue:  Anytime you want, you walk into your kitchen and eat something you like.  As the food ceases to be an issue, you eat less:  magic.  Two, YOU BECOME HAPPY!  Your body is happy, and it takes you with it.  Not temporarily.

A happy consequence of this diet is your weight becomes what is normal for you.  I invented this diet because I was so busy, not because I was so chubby/  And I lost 12 pounds over a few weeks, not even realizing it.

All  the good things I have described here happened to me when I did this project, and happened to all the others who did; but that is only a few souls.  There’s a similar diet that simply says:  Eat only what you want, only how much you want, and only when you want it; don’t eat out of boredom, etc.  But in my diet, you can eat out of any motive in your vocabulary, any time.

One day on this diet, I ate a huge bag of potato chips and three beers, in the sun sitting on a picnic table on a perfect day when the phone did not ring.  I did not cheat on my diet that day, and I was soooo happy.  I ate nothing else.  I still remember that day.