Do Not Do When The Car Wash, “slip Of The Hands Keeper” Minor Face A Significant Loss –

With the increasing popularity of cars, car wash shop in the streets everywhere. Most vehicle owners of convenience, casually looking for a washing of the car wash shop. In fact, if not careful when washing, may face a significant loss of small issues. Experts suggest cleaning your car, the owner is better to pay more attention to that, when the supervisor.

Detergents there may be false Formal professional company the cost of washing a car about 10? 20 yuan; in the corner store, 5? 10 yuan can be easy to get. Cheap is cheap, but the corner store often to save costs, the direct use of washing powder or detergent water blending agent to act as professional car wash car wash.

‘s Survey found that professional car washing agent a package price of between 100 to 150 yuan, while a large package of detergent in the supermarket price of at most a 20 yuan. Washing a car in accordance with cost estimates, professional car washing agent and detergent compared to the cost of a car wash into a difference of more than 10 times.

A car wash shop owner revealed that the majority of bus drivers are open, do not care what car washing agents, occasionally a small number of private car owners will make a request to use special washing agent, the price naturally higher.

In the interview, the reporter made a random survey of the 10 owners, the results showed: three owners, said as long as the car wash on the line, with no special washing agent does not matter; 4 owners made it clear that knows how to detergent washing of the body corrosive, but cheap, with the flow; two owners did not know about washing powder on the body of the hazards; a formal owner is willing to choose a professional company.

A long-term senior technician in automotive beauty told reporters, detergent, washing powder contains a large acidic or alkaline, acid and alkaline chemical reaction with the paint, easy corrosion coating, causing injuries to car The “skin”, are particularly vulnerable to lead to white body color of yellow cars; also will accelerate the tire aging, and this injury is a slow process, will respond after a very long time.

Car was difficult to distinguish the responsibility scratching
Recently, the home of Mr. Wang will follow Street Akamine car open to the beauty shop, a car wash. After washing car, they found a scratch appeared on the door to require compensation for car wash shop. Car wash shops, said wash scratches before sending the vehicle existed, but was covered by mud, and have not been discovered. Wang claimed, car washing car washing shop should be carefully examined before the vehicle, if there are scratches, should be immediately pointed out to him.

Both parties to a dispute to come down, Mr. Wang to the maintenance of industry associations and the business sector complaints. Repair industry associations say, washing the car shop did not pay attention to see the appearance of the apparent damage, nor to explain to customers, there are some mistakes, should bear some responsibility. After by the mediation, that scratch free car wash shop to technical processing. QINGDAO

Maintenance Industry Association, suggested that when the owners do not do car wash “washing his hands of the treasurer,” and not petty advantages, should be commissioned by the larger beauty shop car wash, car wash before the commission should ask for car wash certificates to stores such as Fixed invoices, to prevent disputes. BOLA TANGKAS