Do The Tango!

Street dancing has been around for quite some time now. Some people call it stupid while for others it is their passion. Love it or hate it you can never ignore it. This has emerged as a dance form over time and has caught up with the modern trend. In fact it has now become so popular that most of the dance reality shows see maximum participation from street dancers. It is indeed something which abruptly rose from the streets as a means of entertainment but gradually became a new dance form which thousands today long to learn. This new dance form is neither as complex as many of the other dance forms nor is it very difficult to learn. So if you always had a nag for dancing its time you started putting your best food forward.

You do not need to be a professional to dance on the streets. If you want to learn to dance you can just join a group or training centre which might give you a crash course on a few basic moves. Feel the flow of the music and you will be able to choreograph the rest on your own. Pick up a song first not something classical coz that is never going to help. Go for either rap or hip hop. Now try to feel the beat of the music. Once you really start feeling the music from within your feet will start longing to start grooving.

The moment you get into the groove start making up a few funky moves. Popping and body ripping are two of the most popular moves of street dancing so you might want to9 start with that. Popping is a move which sees a dancer jerking his/her body in such a way that it seems the body has been popped out. Body ripping on the other hand is all about making waves with your body. Street dancing is best done freestyle without choreography. However make sure that you follow the rhythm and the beat of the track.

As of the dance clothing you should prefer joggy bottoms over denims coz it makes movements much easier. For shoes wear either trainers or dancing sneakers. Boots or heeled footwear can lead to disastrous circumstances. Once you are comfortable with the practice of dancing in the streets you can actually organize a small competition amongst friends. This not only refreshes your interest but also teaches you new moves picked up by friends.

Just make sure that the environment you are dancing on is safe and secure. You would never want to injure yourself while dancing on a road or a busy street. Never go for flips which you have never done before in an outdoor ambience. Also keep in mind that a bit of warm up is necessary before you actually start dancing.

Hip hop dancing and break dancing are actually the forms of street dancing which has caught up massive attention at present. Wait no more. If you have the feet for it go ahead and try yourself at street dancing. BOLA TANGKAS