Do You Accept the Truth? Learn How to Be Wise

The truth is usually completely different from what we all desire… the truth is ugly, because it shows us everything that is bad.

This is exactly what you need to learn though, if you want to be wise. Only when you are able to see everything that is wrong, unfair, sneaky, and depressing, will you become wise.

Think about what all marketers do on TV, and on the internet. They present you everything as if it was wonderful… but you must know that you won’t attract any women if you wear a certain deodorant, like the guy on the TV commercial, and that making money online is as difficult as making money offline. The scenario changes, the needs are different, but the truth is exactly the same: making money on Earth is very difficult.

If you want to be wise, you have to be able to:

1. Look for the truth

2. Accept it when you discover it, no matter how against your will it may be

3. Forgive it, no matter how revolted you are

4. Correct all your mistakes so that the future truth in your life may be what you desire

Everything is difficult.

Look for the truth? Where? How?…

Accept it?! But what if you are betrayed, robbed, totally disrespected, and practically killed by someone? How can you accept this truth?

Forgive it?! This is even worse than accepting what you hate. You can only explode like a bomb…

And how about correcting all your mistakes?

This is more than impossible…

I know, but if things are like that for you, you must admit that you are too far from wisdom, because you are not able to deal with the truth.

Learn how to translate your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, so that you may be able to face reality and transform your personality at the same time, becoming very strong and self-confident.

Learn how to be wise, by learning how to look for the truth, behind the appearances and all the hypocrisy of the world. Take off all the masks, and hear all the silent observations in everyone’s mind while they are smiling and gently agreeing with you, because they are excellent actors who pretend to be your friends.

Learn how to accept recognizing that you are an idiot, who was abused by the people you dedicated your life to.

Learn how to look at the mirror and face your absurdity, ignorance and vanity.

Learn how to accept being betrayed without revolt, and how to win all your enemies without killing them, the same way they have killed you.

Wisdom is a very precious treasure, but in order to find it and keep it for life, you have to face the truth first of all, and then transform it, besides improving your personality.